Oh no, little snag in the plan

Well I went 23 and a half days without “cheating”  (disclaimer) I’m human, can that be my excuse?  In-N-Out, need I say more?  In-N-Out, the single most best tasting burger in California in my opinion.  I skipped the soda and had a handful of the community fries.  I messed up on one meal.  I then went ahead and had that dark chocolate milky way, um two of them.  Darn it.  However I didn’t feel too terrible to be honest about it.  I figured that my very next meal I would be right back on track.  This morning I had my eggs and hot water with lemon.  I went to lunch with a friend and ordered a nice salad with avocado, chicken and tons of veggies included walnuts and sunflower seeds, no dressing just a little olive oil (salt and pepper) very yummy.  I have had plenty of water today and my raw almonds.  I’m back from the moment of insanity.  I feel no different by eating it or not eating it.  It’s just one meal.  Jenn my sister-n-law suggests I get on some anti-fungals like the caproyl, which I know nothing about being new to all of this.  I think tomorrow after church I will try and pick some up, we will call it phase two of the cleanse since eating clean isn’t quite cutting it, and although I took a few steps back with my little mishap,  forward I go.

On a much lighter note, I got a new pretty orange tea pot today.  I love orange.  My sister’s tea pot has seen better days and Rich will not even drink out of it because of all the floaters, so it was time.

6 thoughts on “Oh no, little snag in the plan

  1. I like what you said. It’s called humanity not insanity! It’s a mental health break sometimes to not feel deprived. Those actually help you stay on track for the long haul. Anyway that’s what I think! Cute pic!!

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