Day of Rest

We got up and went to church this morning and when we returned it was a gray day and I was tired.  I decided to give my body what it was asking for and today that was rest.  Rich made a fire and I took a nap.  This isn’t easy for me to do, I often even though I may be tired  I will continue with my day, clean and things like that.  Today was different as I have been reading Body Ecology we are to respect this time of the month so I did.  When I woke up I felt refreshed and had some left over soup from last night.  Such a simple soup but all very good for me.  I ate up some brussel sprouts and have been drinking my water.  I’m standing at 170, it seems to be a natural weight for me because for the past 6 or so years it’s exactly where I stay.  The fact that I had climbed to 182 was so alarming and now I wait.  I believe if I continue to eat healthy without sugar, dairy or wheat/gluten I will continue to go down until my body reaches its ideal weight for my frame.  By Thursday I can add berries and apples, I can hardly wait. I also wasn’t able to get the anti-fungal today but plan to by tomorrow.  I read that Coconut oil – medium-chain triglycerides in the oil have anti-fungal activities and I use coconut oil to cook my eggs and also use it in place of a lotion.  Sometimes I’m afraid to take too many things besides anything very natural because of possible side effects but if it’s not used for prolonged periods it should be okay.  Again how would I really know this?

2 thoughts on “Day of Rest

  1. Oh I so know what you mean, I too want to take only natural things, doctor wanted to put me on prednisone on Friday I said no way tell me what to do naturally, so now I’m on supplements:) natural ones 4 times a day, the more natural the better, I had no idea about coconut oil being so beneficial for you:) very very cool, that book you are reading sounds like a good read, I may have to borrow it and give you one of my raw foods books in exchange to borrow:) you can get some good recipes from it:), I bet you can’t wait to have some fruit, apples and almond butter are good together by the way, just a snack idea for you;) I miss you!

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