Smoothies and Strange New Things

Rich and Abbie went and got that blender so we can start making smoothies for the kids after school.  My sister gave me the idea.  We were tying to come up with other non junky options for snack time.  Today we made a smoothie with strawberries, vanilla almond milk, ice and a little pineapple. We also tried almond butter on celery…only that wasn’t received as well.  Both Abbie and her buddy were not super fond of the almond butter and her friend even less fond of the celery!  But they ate what I made them to be polite.

Then there is me.  I’m on day 28 and yesterday my sister-n-law gave me some advice on things to buy for a cleanse and also to KILL the yeast maybe quicker than just eating right.  She suggested a good anti-fungal and for this I got Candex (with the advice from the gal at Sprouts) which was not cheap, like over 30 dollars! But Jenn reminded me, “it’s for your health” and health is important in the long run right?  Then we have the Psyllium which after I bought read and it’s basically like something to clean me out!  Key word, FIBER, so not exactly sure if I’m prepared for this and the Bentonite is a detox.  So I mix the bentonite and the psyllium with one cup of unsweetened almond milk this morning and took my first Candex which on the first day it’s recommend only one pill and it builds from there.  So far so good, no major bathroom trips but let’s be honest I don’t have trouble going to the bathroom anyway but this I know will be more of a clean out which sort of scares the heck out of me but I suppose it’s what I need to do.  She has lived this and done it and she knows what works.  She really wanted me to get the liquid form of an anti-fungal  but it wasn’t readily available and i didn’t want to order on line just yet.

Oh and his morning the scale read 168 and that’s going DOWN for me…so yeah, side benefit! I plan on making fish tonight with some mixed greens and spinach. Drinking lots of water as usual and plan to go for a walk with my girl today and this will be a nice time to talk and hang out.



4 thoughts on “Smoothies and Strange New Things

  1. Great job friend!!! I love you!! keep up the good work your always in my thoughts!!! your biggest Fan!! and I mean it!!!!!

  2. The concoction wasn’t too bad was it? if you think it would be more palatable sweeter, add stevia and it tastes better. Also, take the almond butter, add some drops of stevia and stir it really well. Then dip green apples into it. Totally yum and the girls may like it better!

  3. i think the gentle approach with goodies from the health food store will be helpful, gentle seems more intuitive and logical than meds from western medicine. in this case i mean, as everything is so unique and different…you are doing awesome tracie! 28 whole days and i’m now going to keep on reading … xo

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