We adopted this saying “we can do hard things” from our friend Lisa.  I saw it in her kitchen one day written on a chalk board. I kept it logged into my memory especially since my word for this year was CAN.  Then when I began to try to cleanse my diet of sugar, gluten/wheat and diary she told me I was teaching my children that we can do hard things.  I just love that.

Last night Abbie was in tears before bed.  It started because I suggested we clean out her drawers so we could get rid of old and get some new clothes in.  When she began to cry I was confused?  What did I say?  When I asked her what was the matter she told me she was fat.  Of course this broke my heart, I tell her all the time how beautiful she is.  She is funny, quick witted and sings all the time.  In fact she seems full of joy but she is troubled by her weight.  She told me some kids at school make fun of her, they call her fat.  All I could think to say is, first “Abbie you are so beautiful in every way and if those kids are calling you names, then they are not very good friends to you.”  “So I have an idea, you know how I have been eating different this past month?” “Well, you could be my team mate and we could get healthy together, because our bodies need certain things to run right”  She nodded her head and agreed through the tears.  I gave her a big reassuring hug and we prayed.  I told her, we CAN do this, WE CAN DO HARD THINGS. And we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength (Phil 4:13) We can get active together, we can make good choices together and if we are patient we will begin to see changes in our minds and our bodies.  Today she made a quick sign for our front door, she added the word TOGETHER, and then put a sign on top of that which included all our family members…..WE ALL CAN DO HARD THINGS….TOGETHER.


  1. Tracie, this made me cry. You must be the best mom that ever was. Sweet Abbie. What a wise thing you did to turn the focus to something so positive. You guys will do this. Together. You will. And you will all be better for it.

  2. Tracie this made me cry just to think of her being upset. She is a beautiful girl and you handled the situation perfect. You are an amazing woman and I’m blessed to have you as family. Xo

  3. Oh my goodness! The word together gave me chills! And together with Christ. You nailed this!! We had a hard day around here too. My oldest was in tears about his seeming lack of ability to overcome a typing program, as funny as that sounds. My younger was able to conquer the typing game and that brought him to tears. I gave him affirming words, as you mentioned. But there’s no easy answers, are there? We can’t make it all better in one minute. But we can do it together. I love that.

  4. Together in Christ we do anything, i love this so much!

    I am over the moon that you are blogging, woot woot!! YOU are such a good mama though kids can be so mean i know Abbey like you are tough amazing people and with your love and healing words will be better and stronger.

    Seriously you’re blogging eeeeekk so excited, i’m all smiles over hear.

    Wow, you rode 300 miles with Rich on the bike, you guys are SO cool. Next time you’re out for a ride come down this way, i would love to see you.

    Hugs to you and your family

  5. My dear sweet friend and adorable little Abner….you know it takes a lot to get me choked up, but this did it. The two of you struggling together kills me, but you BOTH CAN DO THIS!!!!! Man, you are making the best testimony ever. Women’s groups are going to be calling you to come speak….ha ha ha, you’re worst nightmare. Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. Although, you know i’d be sitting in the front row cheering you on…xoxoxo

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