almond butter berry smoothie

I got to have a nice visit yesterday at a family gathering just next door and we talked and laughed and enjoyed each others company.  Jenn gave me a good suggestion for a new smoothie, well new to me.  An almond butter smoothie, she said she LOVED them while she was on this same detox I’m on now.  I thought of it from the moment I got up in the morning and couldn’t wait to blend one up when I got home from work.


A table spoon of almond butter

a few drops of stevia

ice cubes

and unsweetened vanilla almond milk

I also tossed in a few raspberries (cause I can)

That was it, however it wasn’t an indulgent as I had imagined it would be, I still need to find that stevia that has a better taste, the one called BETTER stevia, Jenn says it really is better.   It has such a weird after taste to me, I suppose I will get used to it and it is far better than nothing at all.




I plan on going for a walk later today as well, like right now actually because I’m a little sleepy for some reason, I think I had too much going on this weekend, is it possible to have too much fun in one weekend?  Naw! Abbie came home with this sweet little ghost she made in school, it’s made out of styrofoam and acetone, sounds like a neat way to recycle styrofoam to me, she said she just formed it with her hands and it dried, there is a little pin in the back so she can wear it on her sweater.



5 thoughts on “almond butter berry smoothie

  1. It was so nice to visit with you as well. I love when we all get to be together and laugh and catch up. Sorry to hear your smoothie wasn’t as good as jenn made it sound. Lol still praying for you and I’m beyond inspired at your hard work and dedication. Xo

  2. I have a favorite shake with the almond butter for you to try. I began it when I was on a cleanse (yes, I have done a cleanse) and I just keep it in my regular diet cause I love it. Plus, since you have the almond butter, might as well try it. It’s very similar to Jenn’s, and she prob gave me the recipe (haha) but it meets my chocolate need as well, while remaining healthy:

    1 tbls almond butter
    12 raw almonds (or however many…I LOVE nuts)
    1/2 banana
    chocolate almond milk (unsweetened)

    YUMMM!!! The chocolate and almond butter work together reaaaaaally well.

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