sunday ride


Sunday Rich and I went on a ride to L.A. I missed seeing the new Grand Park while I was with the Flickr peeps so I wanted to go back and see what our new parks were all about.  Rich was up for the adventure.


This was our exit (Alameda St.) and we drove around in circles for a little bit trying to find a place to park that didn’t cost too much.  Rich was smart because he saw on the sidewalk next to the park were bike stands, we were on a bike so why not?  We made sure to find a park ranger to make sure it was okay before we left by foot.

We loved the huge fountain so much we took off our shoes to walk around for a little bit.  It was a hot fall day so it felt pretty good to get our feet wet.  We took a few pictures, we stopped into Starbucks right there by the water fountain and got some pellegrino.  Above is us shooting each other.

And here are a few snap shots of Grand Park  that extends from the top of Bunker Hill to City Hall and is 12-acres of peaceful landscape, a gorgeous water feature and plants from all different regions around the world.  Colorful chairs and plenty of tables.  This Sunday afternoon there wasn’t too much going on, it was a very quiet day and we were happy to just walk around and see what this park had to offer.  My sensor needs another cleaning, geesh so too many of my shots have terrible spots so I’m only sharing a few.

After our Grand Park stop we headed off to Griffith because we were so close and Rich and I just happen to love it there, it holds so many great memories for us both so whenever we are near we drive up the hill to just take a gaze at the beautiful observatory and on a clear day it’s such a huge treat.  It’s free to visit I highly recommend it.  We were hungry by this time so I ordered a green apple, my first apple in 31 days and a Perrier.  I have to tell you never in a hundred years would I normally buy an apple and a water while hungry.  Typically a bag of salty chips and a bubbly soda are more my style but because I’m working on this healing and detoxing my body, I made a wise choice.  It’s possible to make good choices, it really is!  If you are wondering about the little red guy, well he is a special little action figure a friend of mine from Virginia sent to me.  A handful of women around the states have one of these little guys not one the same all unique like us and we like to photograph him and share it with our VA friend when we take him on fun adventures.  I call him little red.


And this was just a few high lights from our day, we also drove through Pasadena, and Arcadia where we spotted the L.A.  Arboretum in the city of Arcadia where my friend Alice is getting married in March, so Rich turned around to drive through the parking lot where we spotted a peacock, I got off the bike and tried to get a good picture but it kept running away from me.  I got one but it’s not grand.  We got got back on the 210, merged to the 605 and  exited Beverly so we could drive through our old stomping grounds, I love uptown Whittier. And that was our Sunday dive. 

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