happy birthday to motorcycle man aka rich

See that candy up there, that will be the bulk of what enters this house, it’s a small handful.   Abbie had a little Halloween party at school today, do you see the ingredients of that tootsie roll?  So not on my list of things I can eat.  We decided instead of trick or treating this year we will focus on Rich’s birthday and go to a nice sushi dinner and a movie.  This way we will not have bags of candy laying around here tempting us all. It’s the best solution for today.  Plus Rich’s birthday always gets a little tiny bit jipped because we normally dress up and trick or treat and then with whatever little bit of time is left we go grab a quick dinner and sing happy birthday to dad.  Tonight will be all about dad, well sort of, we are going to see Hotel Transylvania not exactly a Rich kind of movie but it’s a family movie and he is all about family.

The last few days I have noticed a change in my legs, they seem to be drying out and they seem less red, and less raised.  I’m hopeful.  Sorry to toss in some not so attractive pictures of sore, legs, not just sore but hairy.  Just call me a natural woman.  Shaving is not so fun with legs like this.  And just think by next Thursday I will be buying a new dress and showing them off.  That’s my plan no matter what stage of healing they are in, I’m wearing a dress.

6 thoughts on “happy birthday to motorcycle man aka rich

  1. Seriously…your legs look so much better! That’s some great news! I can’t wait to see you in a dress ! You are a superhero. Happy birthday to Rich…from Jon 7 myself. You’ve got a great plan for tonight. Sushi sounds fantastic, and I absolutely love a family movie. Have a blast!

  2. wow man…those legs look pretty darn good. did you get the liderhosen? i wonder if that or ace bandages would help. you may not need to use either of them if your little sores continue to heal. lookin good my friend. what a wonderful evening you had. so happy for you. xoxoxo

  3. Sorry it has taken me so long to finally go on and start reading. Sorry also to drop out tonight. Things just went bad at the last minute. Your legs are looking better. I hope that fact give you the encouragement you need to keep going. When you feel like you can’t just know HE is where you will find your strength. Love = me

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