Today, thankful for Today

I laid awake and I began to think? Tomorrow is November 1st our month of gratitude begins.  Tomorrow is our very first day of gratitude. The word TODAY comes to mind, many times in scripture this word is capitalized even when in the middle of a sentence.  Each night I pray with Abbie we begin with how we are thankful for the DAY, good or bad we are thankful for another day.

Our gratitude tree is one year old today! This time last year we had our Sana Ana winds only they seemed far worse last year, so on my evening walk last fall I collected a few fallen branches.  I arranged them in a old coffee can and my father-n-law offered to mix up some cement and secure them in that coffee can.  In the first month we paid careful attention to our gratitude tree, it was easy to give thanks in the month of November, adding a note of thanks each day in November.  December arrived and I didn’t have the heart to take her down, I even put little white Christmas lights on her and moved her to the side table in the dining room. It was easy to show gratitude in December, a rainy day or an afternoon baking Christmas treats.  January came and I still wasn’t ready to take her down.  You know January being a month of great hope and all the plans for a new successful year so keeping the tree up was an easy, I moved her to the living room.  She stayed with us all year long, sometimes I barely noticed she was there and other times I stopped and began to read our past gratitude and it made me smile.  It made me remember how some friends or family would sneak little bits of thankfulness onto our tree without us knowing and I would later find it when I would stop and be still for a moment just to read about how much we have to be be thankful for. Here we are at one full year, with not the heart to take her down, so I moved her into the dinning room again,  center of the table where she has a BIG presence she almost touches the ceiling and today we began as if she was brand new and placed our first gratitude on her branches along with all the past gratitude.  Today I am thankful for TODAY.

It’s another day for me and I called my doctor yesterday to ask about Thanksgiving?  Do I stick it out, do I stray a little?  What were her thoughts.   She told me I have put very hard work into getting better and it’s okay to go off this one special day but just taste things, no huge portions and things like that.  I like her plan.  She told me if I have an attitude of  getting right back on track to just do it. She reminded me that this is a lifestyle and not just a temporary diet.  That for the rest of my life I will be making better choices and only occasionally treating myself.  She reminded me that it’s very easy once we get our feet wet with sugar to go back, it may start at 80/20, then ease into 50/50 the gradually be right back where I started.  So I’m going to be careful and try a little bit of everything and get right back on it the next meal. I know my journey will be long so I feel like for my minds sanity I need this.  I may regret it but how will I know unless I just do it.


You will see in my blog this month my progress mixed with gratitude.  Have a great day.

3 thoughts on “Today, thankful for Today

  1. I say one day of celebration and not over indulgence should be fine. Mentally I think it will be a reward of how hard you’ve worked to be this healthy. Sorta like being on a great workout schedule and taking a day of rest. I have to say though I might be afraid of jenn’s disappointment. Lol

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