inspiration and encouragement

I’m excited to write that I’m grateful for encouragement and inspiration all around me, but yesterday I was so busy I only took tiny pieces of inspirations that are around my home, words  and images that remind me that I’m not in this alone and that is something to be so grateful for.  It blows my mind really when I sit here and think of how fortunate many of us are here in the States.  I mean we struggle here or there with money, I think it’s a more common struggles now a days with families during these tough times with the economy.  Even when it’s towards the end of the week and we may only have a few dollars in our account and forget savings because our family lives for the day truly but we always, always have each others support and love and most importantly God’s love and protection.  I never feel alone in this ever.  This week for Rich’s birthday we were able to have the money to see a movie, which meant we knew we wouldn’t have money for much else after we paid a few bills and registered  Dylan for basketball (last minute) but I think it will be a good choice, because he seems most happy to be active, he is that sort of kid.

I can’t say too much this morning about my healing progress.  I took a few steps back two nights ago when I woke up in the middle of the night scratching but still they look better than they have in a long time and my eating is staying strong and solid only I’m getting bored because I find myself eating so much of the same things each day.  I need to get creative but I also need to wait until next paycheck to get creative.  In the meantime, I drink my hot water with lemon, my breakfast drink concoction, my eggs for breakfast, my veggies with meat protein for lunch and dinner and lots and lots of water.  This week my weight has stayed exactly the same all week long at 165 sometimes jumping to 166.

Yesterday we had some ripe bananas so I made my banana bread the I can practically crank out in my sleep for the kids sent some to Abbie’s tutor who also blesses our family beyond belief she will be a day of gratitude for sure.  I have lots to say about her.

Have a great day

3 thoughts on “inspiration and encouragement

  1. I love your images. I am inspired to start a Gratitude Tree, but didn’t find a good branch yesterday. Maybe I will find something different in the desert that we can use for our family. I also like your images as art. I’m gonna save up and do that too!

  2. ooooh do share your banana bread recipe sometime, i was just thinking of you and how expensive the health food is, all those rare and exotic ingredients, sometimes its hard to even fork out the money for certain spices. Its friday yeah! xoxox love you get those legs some sun!

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