This or That?

Dylan brought home a few boys, they were starved as boys normally are.  So I ran and got them two pizza’s one cheese, one pepperoni and a 2 liter soda. They were set and let me tell you, that pizza smelt so incredibility good and that soda looked so incredibly bubbly.  I just took in the smell and dreamed about how it might taste.  I have gone too far to fall off the wagon of recovery so I decided to make a berry smoothie with my unsweetened almond milk and a few drops of stevia.  I think it’s helping. I thought getting on here to blog about it might be better than caving to the cheese and bread that are on my kitchen counter as we speak.

I also decided that after this blog post I will go for a walk, that too will help with this current temptation.  Truth be told when I look at each photograph the smoothie looks more appetizing but it’s all in the way one photographs things, I can make pizza look really good if I want to……but I don’t  want to, I need to make it look no so yummy.  It’s for my own good.

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