Miss Moonspinner and Pen Pals

This Monday morning on my 5th day of gratitude I’m thankful for Miss Moonspinner!  This morning Rich woke me up and handed me a red envelope, he announced “I am the mail fairy!”  It’s weird because sometimes we miss the mail, we take the big bulk of mail out and sometimes and more than once a small sweet real snail mail will be left behind, later to be found like a treasure.  This was one of those mornings!  This red envelope was chunky and Dylan kept saying, “it’s the new iPhone 5 mom.”  Weirdo.  First of all it was from Miss Moonspinner, second of all she always sends me the coolest stuff and today was no exception.  The envelope had thankful cards in them for my gratitude tree.  I was SOOOO  excited I immediately wrote my gratitude for today and hung it on my tree.

I wrote that I am thankful for Moonspinner for her love her support, her inspiration.  She is one of a kind awesome.  However there is so much more than this.  She is a darling May baby, she loves the rain equally as much as me, she looks adorable in her wellies, and she dreams of living in Seattle.   She loves to go on road trips up the Coast all the way to Canada (on my dream list btw) She drives a stick shift, and loves all things black and white, some silver too, she also loves classic movies and MOONS.  She once made herself a rubber stamp that read Moonspinner, it comes from an old favorite movie of hers and thus Miss Moonspinner was born to me, this is what I call her now.  We write each others letters quite often, even though she is just a few cities away from me.  It’s something special to look forward to in the mail. She inspires me, she is always trying to do and be better.  Recently she was sharing with me her love for Pinterest and how she is slightly addicted.  She decided to earn her time on Pinterest by jump roping and I thought that was the most clever idea.  She also recently gave up sugar so I have another person in my life to share the loss of sugar with and she does yoga three times a week. I want to do that!  Speaking of which, maybe this week would be a good week to add in movement with my healthy eating lifestyle.  I will keep you posted on that.  I could seriously go on and on about her, she is that kind of girl.  We have a project together called coloring with my cousin we both also LOVE photography.  We pick a color out of a box of crayons and each take a picture and pair them up. Only we both approach it in a snails pace, so I’m thinking we should pick that up after the New Year and get a fresh prospective on it.  We WILL finish, we promised each other that.  We just don’t know how many years it may take.

One of my favorite color pairings.  We were on the same page.

On top of being grateful I plan to feed my body well today, drink lots of water and possibly fit in some movement or even yoga.  We will see.

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