Today I’m grateful for rest and leftovers

Today, Sunday. Day Four.  I am grateful for REST. The time fell back and it always feels to me for a while anyway that we gain an hour.  Getting up this morning was easy, although I did still sleep in.  Today our church celebrated 10 years so it was held outside in the park, it was a beautiful day with lots of good music and it just felt good to be there, be a part of something good.

Today’s eating:

I’m also grateful for leftovers.  My breakfast is pretty boring my concoction mixture and eggs with peppers.  Then after church leftover salad, dinner is leftover cauliflower and grilled chicken, plus I have had a few of my little coconut almond/raspberry chocolates. I think I will finish off by eating an apple with almond butter for dessert.  Talk about rest, I have not lifted a finger to cook, I have done zero laundry, no dishes and I’m just BE-ING today.  It feels good just to BE.  I did make my bed though.

 I walked out into our backyard this evening and it was so peaceful, I turned the water fountain on and decided to take some pictures.  That’s the big picture at the opening. 

So that’s my day.  Next week I’m at week 6 and by Thursday I will be wearing a dress that just comes below my knee.  That’s what I said, so that’s what I will do.

2 thoughts on “Today I’m grateful for rest and leftovers

  1. Is this a new dress that you will be wearing? I’m looking forward to seeing this unveiling of the new sexy, healthy, beautiful, YOU!!!!!!

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