Thankful for memories…it’s not just a plant

Today I’m grateful for the beauty and importance my children attach to a simple plant.

Last night we were all in the backyard and all three of the kids pointed out the aloe vera bloom.  Abbie even said it looked like a rainbow to her.  I knew it was there I have been watching it develop since last week, there is even a second bloom beginning.  This plant belonged to my grandpa who passed 3 days after my 40th birthday.  Austin requested that I never let this plant die, “please.”  He said “it reminds me of great grandpa and the time grandma burnt her hand while we were visiting and grandpa told me to please go cut some aloe for her burn” grandpa said  “it’s the very best things for burns, heals them up quicker than any medicine.”  I told Austin not only would I keep this plant alive but when he gets his own place one day I will start his own aloe with this same plant, they multiply like rabbits and are easy to keep alive.  He said “I would like that very much” Today I’m thankful for good memories  and that a simple beautiful plant can spark that memory.

5 thoughts on “Thankful for memories…it’s not just a plant

  1. Nana’s plants were “the wandering jew” and money tails. I’m so happy Aus and you both have this as a remembrance, and his roses. LOVE!

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