rainy days and a new fall smoothie recipe from Manda

Today I feel like I got Pep back in my step!  I think it’s the idea of adding back in a few good things back into my diet.  Don’t worry, I have not gone off the deep end.  But I did have a slice of Ezekiel bread with almond butter for breakfast.  My first slice of bread in 6 weeks and one day!  It was a nice change.  I also had one cup of coffee with half and half.  I decided my coffee is back but I will only have one cup a day instead of like 6 or 7.   I took my handful of vitamins and was off to work.  I snacked on some cashews at my desk.  When I got home I made one of those famous wraps that my sister-n-law Jenn told us about a few years back.  Since then our entire family enjoys these from time to time.  Again one of those options are endless kind of deals.  Mine looked like this today (see below)  We use the Trader Joes  brown rice tortillas, plain humus and load it with some goodness, I drizzle a tiny bit of olive oil and sprinkle with pink salt.

My sister had posted a picture of her new smoothie this past week and I thought it looked amazing, so she being the cool little sister she is, sent me the recipe.  You can find it on my recipe tab.  I cut up the squash and green apples, cooked them up, blended them, chilled and then made my smoothie.  I’m saving the squash/apple puree in the fridge for future smoothies in a sweet canning jar and figure it will be used up before the weekend is over.  With weather like this we should be making soup and sitting by the fire but the smoothie was fall enough like that I couldn’t wait for the next sunny fall day, I had to have mine today on this rainy fall day.  I’m so jazzed about the rain btw.   If it rains tomorrow I plan on playing in it and taking pictures.  Today was all about making this recipe and I didn’t have time for both.

I believe that with adding back some good carbs and having a little more balance in my eating habits that my energy will return and that exercise and movement I have craving will also be doable.  I thrive with movement.  I love to walk outside, it’s my favorite.  During these 6 weeks of severe elimination I was often drained and had no energy.  It was frustrating but I kept thinking, it’s bound to get better.  Just stepping away, even for 20 minutes is such a wonderful feeling.  I often put headphones on and get lost in the music as I cover ground and of course stop from time to time to take a picture.  It’s like time just for me, no MOM? MOM?  mom?  Just peace and fresh air.  I can’t wait.

4 thoughts on “rainy days and a new fall smoothie recipe from Manda

  1. I can relate to the “mom? mom? Mom?” and it always comes in 3s! So annoying…haha. I love your images here. The lighting on the Mason Jar is really great and your wrap looks delicious. I am gonna get some of those brown rice tortillas. And your avocado looks perfect! Yum and yeah that you have energy. I can read it in your wonderful writing!

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