surprises on our door step



We came home to a surprise!  Abbie had a letter from our friend Sara and Sara’s two gorgeous blond haired boys.  A necklace of a peace sign and dragon fly “just because”  We love Sara and The two E’s so very much.  Look a the kind of fun Abbie and Sara have together!


And look at A with the two handsome E’s


And below here is Sara with my two A’s and her two E’s, a perfect mesh of blonds!


AND that’s not all I found today on our porch! A sweet bundle of pomegranates!  It’s pretty awesome when you live right next door to your in-laws and they go on a trip up north and come back with home grown goodness.  pomegranates are so good for us, great for the heart and rich in antioxidants.  Plus my friend Nancy taught me how to cut  them today which makes it so much easier to get those tiny yummy seeds out!  Just cut them like a pie, or sliced apple and the seeds pop right out.


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