Veteran’s Day 2012


“Freedom is never free.” -Author Unknown

Today is Veteran’s Day.  Rich inherited his fathers dog tags a few years back. Rich holds them dear.  His Dad my father-n-law was in the army and served in Vietnam.  We are thankful that he came back home, many men and women were not as fortunate.  He doesn’t talk about it very much, he has told us some stories of course but it’s not something that’s brought up often.  We all know he served we all know how brave he is and was.  He is an amazing man.  My husband laughs because I’m constantly using the word AMAZING to describe my father-n-law, truly it’s the best word in my mind that describes him.  He is a believer, he is kind, he is loving, he is generous, he is funny, he tells the best stories, he is talented, he plays more than one instrument (by ear)  he is handy, he is sentimental, he is a collector, he loves old movies and old western movies with John Wayne are best, he cooks creatively and he is faithful, he by example has taught my husband how to be a really great dad and husband.  I’m grateful for him, we all are. We are all better for knowing him, for having the gift of him in our lives.  I’m grateful he served, and more grateful he came home.  His name is Raymond Richard West, his father is also Raymond Richard West who also served in the army in World War II, he thankfully also made it home, he was the father of many children and the oldest is my father-n-law and my husband is my father-n-laws oldest and he was also named after his grandfather and father only they flipped his name and it’s Richard Raymond West.  A while ago I took a picture of Rich’s hand holding his Dad’s tags and we gave it to him as a gift.  We thought it would be a really great idea to take both of their hands, my father-n-law holding his dad’s tags and Rich holding his dad’s tags.  We thought what better day to do this than Veteran’s Day.



Today, I thank all the men and women who have served now and over the years, they are brave beyond any words I can come up with.  So very Brave and I’m grateful they put their lives on the line for all of us, for our country for  our freedom because as the quote above reads, freedom is never free.

8 thoughts on “Veteran’s Day 2012

  1. That. is. beautiful. Seriously girl, I am just about crying over here. I think you put it best when you said, “they are brave beyond any words I can come up with”, I agree, and for that I am truly and forever grateful!

  2. I read this to Pat. I had to stop many times because I had to regain myself. It is a gift to see someone throught another’s eyes. Thanks for the present.

  3. That was beautiful tracie. I appreciate your words from the heart and it was very touching to read how you honored uncle pat. He is a good man!!!!!

  4. great pictures, i still like the handshaking one the best, looking at that pic of them just makes me feel so warm, their goodness just radiates~!! love the way you honored everyone on this veterans day! And a big thank you for those who do serve!

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