Pom smoothie and a nice long walk but best of all coffee with a guest


I shared a few posts back that my father-n-law gave me a bundle of pomegranates and I have been into smoothies lately sooooo.  I tried a pomegranate smoothie.  I will put the recipe on my recipe page but it turned out yummy, very nice and tart.  A good tart.  The only downfall was the seeds, they were slightly annoying but if some how I could strain it, then it would be PERFECT.


Today I was able to get a very good walk in.  I feel so good as I sit here and type.  It felt great to breath in our fall air.  I walk on a trafficy street to get to the park up the hill, I get so paranoid, I always think  car is going to crash into me at any moment, maybe part of my anxiety issues huh?  So I try to walk as fast as I can until I get inside the part where I feel much more safe but then have thoughts of being mugged while in the foresty part of the park and I have images in my mind of taking my big 20D camera by the strap and whacking a bad guy in the face.  I know, I know calm down with my run away imagination.  I made it home safe and it was a very good walk.


I also had a nice healthy lunch of left overs today, brown rice, chicken, brussel sprouts and diced sweet potatoes.  But my favorite part of my day was my morning cup of coffee with sister Sarah who was down, or is it up…not sure but she was visiting from the desert and I got to have a cup of coffee with her before work.  I could have talked to her all day long.



5 thoughts on “Pom smoothie and a nice long walk but best of all coffee with a guest

  1. How nice, coffee with Sarah. Great start to a fabulous day, sounds like. I appreciate that you take such pleasure in the little things. They are the best. I love your images.
    Sorry for copying a Vetrans Day Thank You on my blog. It was 100% an idea I stole from you. *shocking!* thanks for the great idea.

  2. What a delightful day! Glad you and Sarah could catch up. I love the pic of your hands. I made a stuffed bacon wrapped chicken & brussel sprout salad – both of which were amazing! The sprout salad i made slightly sweet by adding a couple drops of stevia. Everyone loved it. I think you’ll dig it if you like the toasted hazelnut flavor. A great fall recipe. xo

  3. dearest T, hello beautiful friend!! i have read through all your blog post as of right now, and i am not good at keeping up and commenting much on any of the online communities and friends i hold so dear…but. i wanted you to know that when i have a chance i always pop over here to check in with you, and silently cheer you on your journey… this blog is gorgeous! i hope it is a comfort to you to have a place to share your day to day experiences on your healing journey. i love the feeling i get when i come here to check in, it’s such an authentic spot, i feel like you’re having a conversation with me about how you’re feeling and what you’re doing. i can’t wait to try some of the recipes. 🙂 i love you friend. xoxoxoxox

  4. POM smoothy… Yumo sound delish, what did you use,? i have a pom tree too. I am a smoothy girl and use fruit, hemp protein, a green and almond milk. Now that we have cooled down out here i started walking again, being out in the country i sometimes think… dang i hope no one jumps me! We are in a very safe area so perhaps its just an alert thing we feel? I am so happy you are doing good. How fun if one day we could walk together 🙂

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