Blessings BIG and small…….


I’m calling today’s post blessings because each day no matter how terrible it may seem, there is always a blessing to be found.  I just believe it with all my heart.  Even if it’s a simple blessing like a heart shaped rock in the dirt or a beautiful flower in a patch of weeds.  There is always something if we just open our eyes wide and pay close attention.

If you have been following my blog you will know I have had a 9th opinion on my scabby, itchy sore legs.  The last doctor thinks it’s eczema.  I want to believe her because if I leave them be and use the ointments then it should clear up.  So far so good, I have scratched and itch less in this past week than I have in years, yep….years!  The blessing I have to share today about this little bit of news has to do with money.  We paid cash to see this dermatologist and she was very concerned about the cost of the medications although she was almost sure my insurance would cover them.  It covered the strong antihistamine, that was 10.00, it covered the antibiotic cream, that was 10.00 and when it came to the most special cream of all, well that was a 50.00 co-pay!  That  seems like so much for a container a little smaller than a tube of toothpaste, HOWEVER, this new doctor gave me a coupon for this particular medication.  I asked the pharmacist if she could apply this coupon to the 50.00 co-pay, she disappeared behind the counter and came back and said “you just saved 50.00, there is no co-pay with this coupon AND you can use it two more times” and guess what?  I have two refills!  I was absolutely dumbfounded, almost felt guilty taking it for FREE.  I told her this was a huge blessing, I walked out in the night air and looked up towards the heavens and said out loud “Thank you Lord!”

Today was a busy day, we had to finalize some private business in this house but this too is completely behind us now and we are free of that worry.   In the busy-ness of our day a friend stopped by while I was up at the school with Abbie, a friend who TODAY was on her day one of chemo, her fourth round and two more to go….yeah!  Well she had a busy day too right, and she stopped by this morning and gave my husband a bag of the most gigantic grapes you have ever seen.  Her mama Grace lives up north a bit and she brought fresh “globe” grapes from the central valley, they were so FRESH, they tasted like a slice of  mother earth, I know, I know sounds weird but there was a solid goodness about them.  The picture doesn’t do them justice.  Place your pointer finger on top of you thumb like a circle shape, and that’s how huge they were!  I texted my friend to tell her how happy I was to receive her gift of grapes and not five minutes later she pulls up after her long day of chemo and I got to give her a BIG hug and see Mama Grace’s beautiful smile and meet a few of Nancy’s cousins and this was another blessing in my day.  It was a ray of sunshine, Nancy has a way of radiating sunshine and joy in her every single day life even on her first day of chemo for the fourth time.

This is not all.  I have a third blessing to share and really, really there are many more, like the little tiny heart I found on the back of my book mark on the way to L.A. today or the little heart shaped red leaf on the ground by the truck but my last and third blessing I will share today is the apple pie.  Each year when my children reach the 5th grade they are taught to make an apple pie.  It’s Mrs. Ostgaard’s recipe and she has passed it to my first born, my second born and now via Mrs. Shannon Abbie has now been taught to make this apple pie.  I can smell it now as I just took it out of the oven.  It smells heavenly and it’s gorgeous and Mrs. Ostgaard’s apple pie tradition has become our family tradition and Abbie will be making it for this Thanksgiving.  It’s a true blessing to have wonderful teachers who teach more than just math and language arts, they teach the kids how to bake an apple pie, and American tradition.  Mrs. Shannon told me I must have just one tiny bite because after all, it is homework;)

11 thoughts on “Blessings BIG and small…….

  1. Friend!!! I really am your biggest fan!!! I love you!!!! Had to stop by because you know I’ll be down for about 10 days=( but I’ll be looking out for all my blessings!!!! PS keep Pablo safe cause you know my mom wants him!!!!

  2. thank you for gifting my life with your wonderful way of seeing, feeling, and appreciating…i’ve been in an awful moody space (pms x’s a million) and reading through your gratitudes has gifted me a lighter heart (x’s infinity!) love. you. so. xoxoxoxo

  3. I love you….I read all your blogs….I love hearing your greatful heart….I am not there right now…too many things are happening and too many things I am feeling and I just do not have a grasp on things right now….but you help me with your words…even though I am pretty absent from a lot of stuff on flickr…and facebook and instagram….I know it will all be there when I am ready….if I am ready…but I just want you to know..I have not stopped praying…I am proud of your strong self…and every day I wished I lived closer to my cali friends!!!! xoxox

  4. Love this post. Love your great outlook. It is an inspiration to us all. I’m glad to hear that the cream was working. I was just thinking yesterday, “I need to text Tracie and see how that cream is working out!” But I musta gotten side-tracked. Good to know. Keep up the good work. I have a photo of a heart I found for you in the desert 🙂 . Can I add a photo to a comment? Do you know how?

  5. God Bless you my red headed wonder….you are such an inspiration! You keep that great outlook that you have always been blessed with. You always see the good in everything and I am so thankful and proud to be your mother. God gave me ONE of the biggest gifts ever.

  6. By the way give Abbie a great big kiss. Grandpa is going to love that pie tonight for his birthday. I would love for her to make it for Christmas dinner too. It would be the best gift ever from her.

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