sick days……and lunches full of goodness


Today Abbie woke up with a horrible tummy ache and I don’t really want to go into all the detail that followed but she was clearly not well.  She asked if I could stay with her today. I’m blessed because my direct next door neighbors are my in-laws.  My father-n-law who is home most of the day because he is retired will  be okay with one of my sickies laying on his sofa all day while I go to work.  Today Abbie gave me her puppy dog eyes and told me I make her feel the best when she is sick so well, how could I resist that?  She took it easy most of the day and around lunch I decided to open a can of chicken noodle, the kind my mom used to give me when I was sick, some bubbly 7-up and some little fish crackers.  I wrote her  little note, picked a little flower and took her lunch.  The reward was the look on her face when she clearly felt so very special with the way her lunch was presented.  It made me smile big too and it made me feel so very grateful that I could be home with her on this day.  I went back into the kitchen to make my lunch and she called for a dry erase pen.  I brought her the pen and got back to work on my healthy salad.  When she was finished she called me to get her tray and I found she wrote me a sweet note back.  That made my day even brighter.  She is also starting to feel better, I guess it was just a little stomach bug.

My lunch today, a salad loaded with goodness, grapes, broccoli, sweet bell peppers, yellow tomatoes, pomegranate seeds, sliced almonds and just a drizzle of olive oil, pink salt and pepper. 


I want to stay on a good track even though this new doctor seems to have found a solution for me.  The cream is working like magic.  I itch far less which means I have been scratching far less and my legs look so different it’s a trip.  Rich and the kids are in awe and can’t remember the last time my legs have looked so good.  I have added back things like dairy, you know I was missing that so much.  I’m not going crazy with it but I do love the Greek yogurt and Fresh and Easy’s Greek Honey yogurt is so GOOD.  It’s perfectly creamy and has a nice balance of tart and sweet.  Just love the stuff, it feels like I’m being so indulgent when I eat it.  I have also had some sweets but not overboard on them.  When I called my primary doctor a few weeks back and asked about Thanksgiving she was okay with me tasting a little bit of everything but not over doing it with large portions.  I do plan on enjoying Thanksgiving with tasting a tiny bit of all the dishes and especially enjoying a cup of coffee with a small slice of holiday pie. The 6 weeks were such a great time of cleanse and by losing so much weight in those 6 weeks it was a wonderful start to my future.  I have stayed the same weight for a few weeks now around 165, when lucky 164 but I still feel as if I have a ways to go.  I know it’s NOT the number but I still have a a spare tire and solid legs and well a ways to go.

Fresh and Easy has a very yummy Greek yogurt, my favorite flavor is the honey, I will not try any other flavor because I’m so hooked on this one. 



11 thoughts on “sick days……and lunches full of goodness

  1. You are doing great Tracie. You have come a long way in the last six weeks. And the best part is you are starting to heal inside and out. Love you, Mom

  2. Tracie that is exciting news about your legs. My question is have you got to shave??? I’m so happy for you that your feeling better. I have been having a issue between my toes on one foot and I guess it’s weeping eczema. I was treating it like it was athletes foot and now I’m told this and OMG the itch can come and go and it’s unbearable. If that’s a hint of what your legs feel like it breaks my heart even more for you. Maybe because I have been so touched by your journey God wanted me to know a bit of the intensity of it. Hope you have a blessed thanksgiving. Xo

    1. Jeanie, so sorry to hear about your weeping eczema, I want to look that up. I know exactly what you mean about unbearable itch, it’s so hard to stop too once you start. And no have not shaved yet, they are looking so good but still bumpy and raised. I am all natural and that’s not such a sexy look. Lol

  3. I love how you write! I also loved the post you wrote yesterday about your dad. SO SO special! He’s right you, are a good writer!
    So glad your legs are going to get better!!
    Have a happy thanksgiving!!!
    Love you!

  4. Your sweet heart has been pasted on to your children. I am so thankful that healing is coming to your legs.. and your heart! xo

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