I’m thankful for days I can walk after work at the park and lay on the grass and take pictures like this.  Pictures like this that really are nothing compared to the way I see it with my eyes.  I have said it more than once but if my head had a button on its side that I could click when my eyes see something so magnificent, then my pictures would be so amazing because God made the best camera ever built when he created my eyes, healthy eyes that can see color and texture and my brain that helps me to understand what I see.  Until then I use my Canon 20D and I lay on my belly in the grass and I watch the light dance off the blades of grass and I allow the grass to create a natural filter that makes this image look dreamy.  And I smile, I smile that I can do this, that I have this gift to see, to touch to feel to appreciate all the beauty that is all around us, it’s virtually everywhere.  When Abbie was a tiny little girl she pointed out a rainbow in the sky, I will never forget what she said because I agree wholeheartedly, “Mama, God is the best artist of all”

AND there is always an AND right?  I just had the most wonderful voice to voice conversation with a beautiful inside and out gal from Indiana.  We have known each other for quite some time now via emails and photo sharing but tonight we talked on the phone and I couldn’t stop smiling and I could hear she was smiling too through the phone and well let’s just say I’m on a high of sorts from our conversation and I could have talked hours more, just hours more but momhood calls.  What it did do for me though is build on my dream of taking a trip to Indiana to meet with these Indiana girls that I have grown to love.  It will happen this I know.

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