Table set so pretty, under the white tent lined with white and orange mini lights, a very pretty day in California & perfect for outdoor feast. 

We just had a wonderful family dinner at Uncle Don’s and Aunt Lynn’s this afternoon and today Aunt  Lynn makes the bulk of the family meal all the important stuff, like the yummy juicy turkey, the mashed potatoes and gravy, the stuffing, green beans, rolls and fresh salad with pomegranate seeds, homemade cranberry sauce. The great thing about Aunt Lynn is you can be guaranteed she uses only the best ingredients, all natural, organic and made with pure love.  We offered up the famous 5th grade apple pie and a spin on a Martha Stewart’s sweet potato recipe.   Mimi made her delicious coconut cream pie and lemon meringue, and Lynn made her homemade pumpkin pie because how is it Thanksgiving without it.  I love how all the pies are from scratch and again made with such LOVE.  Yummy!  I was also glad I could have a tiny bit of it all on this day.


Uncle Don mashing the potatoes, fresh green beans with bacon, salad with a light citrus dressing, gravy and organic butter for our rolls, the table setting, stuffing and homemade pies. 

There is so much that goes into a meal like today, preparation and timing it all just right. I can’t imagine I get all in a fuss just having to contribute a few dishes for this day.  I wake up have a cup of coffee with Rich by the fire  and I begin to get all jumbled in my mind like, when should I start to cut up the sweet potatoes, when should Abbie and Austin begin the apple pie process?  When do I wash my hair and Abbie’s hair and blow our hair dry and wash my jeans and transfer them to the dryer , will I have time to wash the dishes before we leave?  All these little things so I mean preparing for a meal for 14 people…well sort of blows my mind. Today though what I decided to do is send up a little prayer about my time management and to keep my calm.  It all worked out, all of it, we got it all done, even the pile of dishes. It worked out so perfect I had time to make the most yummy cranberry smoothie to gulp down before we got on our way…IN TIME.  All in TIME!  So Today I want to be grateful to my Mom, my Grandma, Aunt Lynn and Mimi for putting all these big family meals together for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Easter.  It’s a very big deal…like HUGE.

Below, my dirty pile of dishes that got done before we left for the Thanksgiving feast and you can find the recipe and pictures for sweet potatoes on my recipe page.


7 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. I love hearing about your Thanksgiving day. It is always the same here . . . rush, rush, rush. How will we get everything done before we have to leave? But . . . just like you . . . THIS YEAR we paced ourselves and everything was accomplished in a timely fashion, and we actually arrived at our friends house on time! It was a wonderful day! Happy belated Thanksgiving, dear Tracie. I’m very thankful for you!!

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