Long Weekend

Abbie and neighbor kids at play on a warm California winter day

After a wonderful family meal, the rest of the weekend was spent mostly relaxing, well for me anyway.  I’m not one for all the Black Friday stuff and besides I never seem to have the real cash when those sales are going on.  So I stuck close to home.  The weather was warm enough here in California to actually drag the hose out for water play.  I always find it interesting that our fall and winter come so late and I often sit and admire the changing leaves and snow scenes shared from other parts around the world at this time.

 Abbie paying it forward and making me breakfast as I was still feeling slightly under the weather Sunday Morning

Rich is a proactive sort of guy.  His wheels are always spinning and he always has ideas, and he wants to change things, and fix things and make things better.  He claims to relax but mostly I see him peddling around.  Me I did relax but sort of a forced relax this weekend because I found myself a little sick for a day and a half.  I guess I caught Abbie’s stomach bug.  I wanted to help Rich clean up the garden but when I did get out there my heart beat fast and my head got dizzy so I ended up back in bed.  Let’s just say I’m plenty rested for this week and ready for Monday.  I did manage to move around the dining table, put it in a way it’s never been before.  We love to move our furniture and change bedrooms around here.  Our living room furniture is moved around I would guess every two weeks or so and that’s Rich, he just gets tired of the same old configuration.  I don’t mind, it’s always an adventure living with him.  This weekend he wanted to fix the toilet float because we plan on hosting Christmas for my family this year and that’s just how his mind thinks, “better fix that toilet before we have a houseful”  Me, it would have never crossed my mind.  He also felt it urgent to tear down the garden fence, it has bothered him since he put it up and the chicken wire bowed and never stayed tot with the wood poles he planted.  Me,  that sort of stuff doesn’t bother me, I think it gave character to the garden but he, he wants to figure out something better for the garden fence, so he tore down the old one.  He also drove around town trying to find one used, slightly better tire for his truck than the one very bad one he has been driving with for a while, he struck out in that department.  He also got so bored sitting home Thursday night that as I blogged and the boys watched t.v. he and and Abbie went out just to see what Gray Thursday was about, he hit up Walmart and Target just to video tape the crowds.  He mostly intrigues me because he and I couldn’t be more different.  It makes me believe that opposites do attract, do I admire all his differences?  Yes mostly and I also desire to be more like him in ways.  I’m for sure the mellow one of our pair.  He is high energy and has a hard time just sitting still. I often wish I had his energy, his drive.  He also will set his mind to something and nothing holds him back, when he says he will do something, well he will just do it.  Me, not so much but I do think he has rubbed off on me in a way, more and more I’m able to do what I say these days.  So our weekend was good, long and relaxing, well relaxing for me anyway.  I had lots of high lights from the weekend but one that stands out as a favorite was when I made up the chicken soup and Rich added the dumplings and as I worked on the soup he took his guitar out front with his dad and the two of them played with each other for a good long while, I wanted to go out and video tape it but that’s when I began to feel not so good.  It’s just one of those things that I love, that he can sit still (sort of) and play music with his dad on a pleasant California evening and just BE, just be.  These are the moments that matter most to me.  I can just be glad that the two of us balance each other out and we make a good team because of it.  I am truly blessed by him and grateful he is my partner.  It’s a perfect match in my book.

rearranged the dining room and turned the table the opposite direction, see that pretty Christmas cone, My friend Ana made that for me and dropped it by this weekend, my first Christmas decoration up for this season, it’s so pretty 

What I looked like most of this long weekend.  Just kicking it

The garden all cleaned up because of Rich!  Next…compost bin, we have a new plan via Uncle Don and Aunt Lynn and can’t wait to share 

4 thoughts on “Long Weekend

  1. Gotta love him. I don’t know anyone else that would drive to stores on grey thursday just to see the crowds…and video tape them no less. crazy. i love his work ethic. marks the same way. they must have gotten that from their parents.

  2. OH I DIDN’T EVEN THINK HE WOULD BE ABLE TO PLAY GUITARS WITH DAD right out front! right on! those are special very moments, “soul moments” and it creates a circle of joy around the players and passes to anyone close by! i do hope you are feeling better today.

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