Shoes and legs that are on the mend

My everyday shoe, which means I wear them “nearly” every day.

Today I talk about shoes and my lack of passion for a pretty pair.  It’s borderline embarrassing this post and the shoes you will see.  I can guarantee some gals wouldn’t be caught dead in some of the shoes I consider to be my most treasured walking protective gear.  I thought I was lacking in the shoe department but when I took pictures of them all I found out that I own 10 pair of shoes, that’s a lot! Now some are many years old like 14 years at least and some maybe more like 5 plus years or so, one is a pretty hand me up from my Mom, I always call her donations to my closet hand me up’s because truly they are always so very nice.  So I have been shopping for new shoes, I have a vision of pretty RED ones, because I’ m thinking everyone should own a pair of red shoes.  I have made trips this week to, Pay Less, Target and Marshall’s.  That’s another point about my new shoes, I don’t want to pay too much money for them.  I just don’t.  I have bought a few pairs of TOMS because I love how it also is like buying a second pair for a person in need, however they don’t last long and a while back I actually bought some BOB’s and I was sort of embarrassed to do that but they do the same thing as TOM’s and it’s like buying a second pair for a person in need, only I have found the BOB’s are made better, last longer and are less money.  So I’m not sure if I want another pair of TOM’s for my next pair of shoes.  I have yet to find a pretty pair of red shoes for my newest addition to the closet and when I do, I will toss an old pair and still only have 10 pair.  I saw on t.v. once the professional organizer people who say if you buy one new thing you should toss an old so things don’t get all cluttered up.

These were recently featured in a weekend post, they are my save my puffy feet, pregnant, elephant ankle birkenstocks that I bought 14 plus years ago when I was pregnant with second child D-man who was due in September and so the summer heat added to the swelling.   I felt a serious need for these shoes, I had been a birkenstock owner as a teen and I remembered how amazing they felt.  It was the only shoe to do the trick and hello, look how awesome they still look after all those years, they hold up that’s for sure. And I still love wearing them.

here are my three pair of tennis shoes.  I love converse and have been wearing them again since I was a teen.  My taste doesn’t change very much.  Although the New Balance I felt would be good for walking shoes since I blazed through my old green recycled walking shoes. 

Because I live in Sunny Southern California, sandals are a staple.  Here are my 3 pair of sandals, one a hand me up, the pretty black ones, one a splurge, the rainbows and the third, well they are a good handful of years old. 

My second most worn pair of shoes, second to the TOM’s but they are BOB’s (the cheaper version of the TOM)  

my very best pair of shoes, I think they are totally CUTE and I wear them on occasion but they kill my feet because my feet are used to an extremely comfortable shoes so any shoe with a slight bit of style doesn’t stand a chance with my comfort factor, COMFORT is number one to style….sort of always has been my motto.  Oh and these were a gift from my Mom.  

Second thing I want to share with anyone who is reading this is that I had my second followup appointment with the dermatologist today.  She said the progress is tremendous and she is very happy with how my legs are looking.  I told her how grateful I was for her ointment and free samples and also that she gave me the coupon that covered the 50.00 co-pay.  We were both pretty excited about that big blessing.  She told me normally without insurance a tiny tube like that cost at the very least 250.00!  That’s so much money!  Well it works and that’s the best part.  She believes it will be at least another good month before the raised hard callus parts go down and she assures me they will go down.  I see her in another 6 weeks and we will see where my legs are at by then.  I was a little bummed out when I got home and saw a letter from my medical group which read my primary doctor is no longer with the group and they assigned some misc. doctor whose name I can’t pronounce.  I’m considering this a blessing because if I get to pick another doctor it may be just what I need?  I’m thinking I will bail out completely on the current medical group we go to.  It’s convenient but I have not been happy with the dropping of doctors, this will be my second dropped doctor. Things happen not by accident, I believe each thing in our lives is for an exact purpose.

Looking so much better then three weeks ago!  Doctor Mary Kate told me the legs take the longest to heal because of the blood circulation not being quite as good.  Sort of goes with the acupuncture doctor who told me the blood below my waist was like standing, old water and that’s one reason my legs were not healing.  I asked Dr. Mary Kate what could I do to improve this circulation thing and she giggled and said “stand on your head”  then of course said she was joking. She said that really there was nothing to be done about it, it’s normal in all people that the circulation in their legs is not as great as the rest of the body.  So I patiently wait for the healing process to continue.  I really like this doctor, she seems to know so much.  And so far I have no reason to doubt her since it’s the best relief I have felt in years.

13 thoughts on “Shoes and legs that are on the mend

  1. ok, there are so many great things about this post. first, i love the pictures of your shoes. you took something totally random and made it into a great story i loved reading. how you can captivate me with a description of your shoes is beyond me, but you do it! also, this line, “they are my save my puffy feet, pregnant, elephant ankle birkenstocks that I bought 14 plus years ago” had me laughing so hard. i totally know what you mean! i had those legs too with liv remember? where you could press your thumb into your ankle and the imprint would stay for hours? soooo happy about your legs i want to cry!! thank you Lord! you’re going to be in mini skirts before winters over. “Bobs”? never heard of them, but i totally dig that they are called bobs. that is just awesome. whoever came up with that has a great sense of humor. ok, rainbows? i didn’t see any rainbows. red is a color of the rainbow, but not a rainbow. i think your peace, love, and happy thoughts have gone to your head. next thing we know, you’ll be calling your chucks unicorns…;) love you! xoxo

    1. Jen, the red flip flops are Rainbows!
      Anyway, I have enjoyed reading your blog too!! Congrats on going to Panama and following God’s leading.

  2. Super happy to hear this great news T! Love your clogs, i have a similair pair that i’ve had for years as and there my favorite pair of shoes. They have turned into ranch shoes so they visit my feet every morning and night. Have a geat day buddy!

  3. what wonderful news!!!! this makes me truly happy. I am so glad you are doing better already!!! What a relief. I knew it would come. Love your worn shoes…. They are rad!!! Xoxo

  4. i totally agree that everyone should own a pair of red shoes. i’m currently on the hunt for the perfect pair that wont break the bank myself. i mailed you a letter but for unknown reasons they delivered it to me instead. i’m re-mailing it today.

  5. Tracie, re the circulation thing. Somone told me to do this – lay on floor, butt right up to wall, legs up the wall. Put a towel or something under lower back and/or neck to get comfortable. Stay there for a while. I don’t do it but it makes sense. Maybe if I had a book….

  6. Hi Sweet Friend – just getting caught up here… so happy to hear about your relief! I also read the post about finding a new high – AMEN! I can seriously relate on that one… still haven’t quite found the new high yet personally. You are my inspiration as I am searching for answers with my own health. YAY for answers and healing! Love you!

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