Not every day is a good day

Not every day is a good day.  I think we can all relate to this.  We wake up and it just seems as if anything that can go wrong will go wrong and guess what?  Kids have bad days too.  And I think it’s easy to immediately get on a kid about their bad attitude which is brought on by their not so good morning.  I often don’t show this kind of grace to my children the same kind of grace I also would like on my not so good days.  This morning was one of those days for my first born.  He woke up late, he couldn’t find a sweatshirt (it was raining out) he was looking for a thermos to take some hot water for his tea today and nothing seemed to fit the bill. He also happened to mention that he couldn’t fall to sleep until after 2:00 a.m., he has always had a hard time falling to sleep.  He used to worry so much that he was afraid of going to sleep or he may die before morning, he had scary thoughts that raced through his mind and it kept him awake at night.  The solution for this was listening to classical music with headphones as he tried to fall to sleep and of course a good strong prayer before bed and it seemed to work, it got his mind off the more sinister thoughts he was having.  This is my child who feels deeply and I also call him a realist.  I live in a fantasy land sometimes, I always tell him it’s all always going to be okay, that even when bad things happen we can find the good.  He rolls his eyes at me, he knows it’s not always true, that things can’t always be good.  He is also my Eeyore, I have always thought this.  Eeyore is pretty cute but well he is a negative little fellow and so is my Austin. I don’t think he means to be, I think it’s just the way he is built and because of it, we have great, deep and long conversations.  His communication skills are very good, better than most. He tests well without studying he writes great essays and he can express himself well with words.  I also joke about how he would make a terrific attorney because he argues about just about anything and everything, he has a rebuttal, also just the way he was built.  I have grown to love the way Austin is, it makes him Austin.  So today as I was out again trying to find some shoes, I instead found an inexpensive sketch pad with pencils, I also found some tea for him.  He is a big time tea drinker, loves a good cup of hot tea each night before bed and sometimes in the morning and often in the middle of the afternoon.  We were running low so I thought I would surprise him.  I figure that when he walks into his room later today and finds a a note of “encouragement” and a few gifts that mean something to him, that well maybe it WILL mean something, that he will see I have faith in his art ability and his creative side and that I’m listening even when he thinks I’m not.  I think all of us as humans just want to be heard, I want to be the one who listens to my children. I think it’s important and I think it’s important to show grace, to be understanding and to notice when things don’t seem quite right, rather than go off, and yell and rage about how they should just shape up and snap out of it.  Try something different, put yourself in their shoes.

He isn’t a morning person, never has been.  Knowing this helps.

“There are those who will wish you good morning. If it is a good morning, which I doubt.”



Guess what?  He just walked in from walking home in the rain and he said “I had a really good day walking home in the rain and enjoying nature and listening to The Doors”  so looks like his day turned around after all.

8 thoughts on “Not every day is a good day

  1. I’m addicted to your blog!

    I think you need to change the name (only because i’m afraid once you are cool with your health you may stop writing) and keep writing forever…something like the world according to Tracie…or Hi I’m Tracie and my friends think I’m awesome!

    I love the Eeyore quote too! I have one that’s not a morning person either!

    Also great perspective on parenting, trying to see thinkings from their point of view, that’s key!

    1. Lisa, you are just a great friend and awesome supporter, I still say you should write a blog cause well hello, your life is full of such great ideas.I know you said it’s all been said and done already but it has not, only you live your life and nobody else and nobody has a life like you and your life is something to be shared if you ask me. I would be a fan, I would read it. Just planting another seed.

  2. You are a mother full of grace and compassion, Trace. Such a gift to your children. To love them for who they are. To embrace who they are. I find this all beautiful and
    very heart pulling.

  3. You are such a sweet mama.
    I love your quote by Eeyore. Listening to our children is so important, when they are little and even more when they are teens I believe.
    I don’t often buy things for mine, but I do keep an eye out for favourite books at the library or I share music/movies/websites I know they would like. They do appreciate the little gestures, even if they don’t say it out loud.

  4. i really needed this reminder today dear friend…thank you for being the voice of grace in my life… my two oldest will be home in a moment, and i will welcome them with more love and compassion, and understanding, because of reading your heartfelt words… sending your dear hearted eeyore a hug, and a huge warm long hug out to you. xooxoxox

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