IMG_3218Rich and his best dog friend Max and now with his second best dog friend Moose.

 I will begin with Thursday.  Thursday was a very big night in a few different ways.  The biggest most exciting was Mark, Jenn and the girls were going to spend the night next door so they would be closer to LAX for their trip to Panama Friday.  This also meant a yummy family dinner next door, a group family prayer before this portion of our West family decided to head out to Panama to see if this is where the Lord wants them so they can begin a new, exciting chapter in their lives as missionaries.  This also meant we would take their Moose dog who happens to be a dog of larger scale (GREAT DANE) and would be an interesting addition to our family for the next 6 days.  But….let me back up a few hours before they arrive.  I’m vacuuming our dining rug and out of no where the vacuum just stops working!  I panic just slightly because my Dyson vacuum can’t be broken!  It just can’t, a gift from my parents and one of my most used appliances considering we have Max who sheds 24/7/365 and I have to vacuum nearly every day.  NOOOOOO!  I need this vacuum for my sanity.  Rich the man of great common sense tells me to unplug the vacuum and try another outlet, I do, and it works again.  Yes!  However somehow the outlet I was plugged into originally was dead, the refrigerator outlet was dead, more than half Austin’s upstairs room was dead and the outlet that charges our cellphones, and powers up our internet was DEAD.  We have no time to really look into to this, but we did the basic flip all the breakers on and off to see if we somehow tripped a breaker but this doesn’t fix our problem, so temporarily we run extension cords to get our refrigerator back up and running, and wait a day before we run a line to the internet.

moose addition

top left to right, Moose enjoying Max’s prime spot on the oversized ottoman, trying to dry the wet vomit that ran under my dining room rug,  huge Moose tracks in my garden, every square inch of it, probably Max too but the prints were huge and Moose dominate. 

We wake up Friday morning knowing a portion of our West family is already at the airport and getting ready for flight, and their dear Moose made it through night one without too many hitches, he ate his breakfast just like that, he slept sort of well, was slightly anxious pacing the house off and on in the middle of the night but mostly pretty good I would say.  We wake up to rain so we are not entirely excited about two big dogs going in and out while we work so we let them out for potty before we leave and I get home early and Papa next door will pop in sometime in the middle to let them out again.  I leave hoping all will be well while I’m away. Before I come home Friday from work I get to have lunch with my Mr. as we try and do each Friday, our Friday lunch date.  I look very forward to this each Friday with Rich.  Just as we pull into our lunch spot, his truck just completely dies.  We don’t worry too much about it because he has jumper cables so we figure we can have lunch, jump start him and be on our way.  Only when we come back out and try to do this, it starts right up but the minute we take the cables off, it dies, we tried this twice with no success.  Not only does it die but it starts to act completely crazy, the radio goes out, the door locks go up and down, flashing lights and weirdness.  Rich sort of get nervous it could be an electrical problem but not too much can be done about it at this point, so I drove us home so I can be dropped off and he takes my jeep back to work.  I walk into the house expecting maybe a small pee puddle from little Paulo since he had no way out.  Instead I find the sliding glass door wide open, raining mind you and Moose and Max having their way in and out of the house tracking in and out mud and rainwater, and the house reeking of wet dog, two BIG WET DOGS.  Deep breath but not too deep because the smell is yucky.  So I get that situation all fixed up and wait for Rich to get home to figure out how we will deal with his abandoned truck.  Pat and Rich run back to his truck, do a few things, the connections were pretty mucked up and he thought maybe they could just clean them up, in the process of the truck only being able to run while being connected to the jeep, it starts to completely flip out, horn honking, and again complete weirdness.  So they take the battery out and leave it over night.  Long story short, it was just a very, very dead battery and a new one fixed the problem and the truck is home safe and sound.  Rich was just slightly annoyed that we had to spend so much money for a new battery, but I believe it’s one of those blessings that could have been far worse had it actually been an electrical problem.

photo (1)

 case of the dead battery while on our lunch date Friday, fixed now with a brand new battery

Pat did come by Saturday afternoon to try and help Rich further track down and possibly fix our electrical problem but no solution was found, so extension cords still run across the kitchen and dining room and we still are adjusting to Mr. Moose who has only thrown up three times in the house while we have had him. We were warned of this but assured he never vomits in the house. (his defense, he has had no way out)  The silver lining I suppose…. Rich in all of this has gained a new canine friend.  Now he has two faithful dog followers who worship the ground he walks on and Rich rather seems to love these two big nuts and me, it makes me appreciate my Max who sheds constantly and still ever so grateful for the best vacuum on the planet that my parents thought we could use because without that, I’m not sure I could have the same love for Max that I have now, even more so after keeping Moose for a week.


Current electrical problem

And I close this Sunday, December 2nd being happy we all made it to church, late but we were there and happy that I can enjoy a rainy day with chili simmering (recipe found here, my friends super awesome blog) and hot tea accompanied by a very yummy chocolate chip crescent, being I’m not having to watch every single ounce of food I put into my body now, I do treat myself from time to time and this day was prefect for a sweet treat.  I also have decided that I will be reading Proverbs for the month of December to keep me in the word, 31 chapters and 31 days.  Maybe you might consider joining me in this?



Sorry for the very long post but a lot went on between now and last Thursday night that I have not shared yet since my last post.

6 thoughts on “

  1. Oh tracie that is a story and a half! You are braver than I ever would be agreeing to house moose. Lol why does the dog vomit all the time? I like to read the proverbs each day as well 🙂 hope you have a blessed week filled with peace and no dog hair and vomit. Xo

    1. I sure love it when you stop by my blog:) it’s so crazy with Moose too, one minute I’m not digging him very much and the next minute I find him enduring. Still quite an adjustment. Not sure about that sensitive tummy of his but Jenn mentioned it in her Moose run down so it must happen enough to mention it.

  2. reading with you, tracie… good reminder to stay focused this season… and i swear all those things sometimes happen at once…. xo

  3. Beth:) so happy you will join! Chapter 3 was good this a.m. I try and find a verse each day out of each chapter to write down, 3 had a bunch of good stuff. Also. Crazy, as suddenly as our power went out Thursday, it just decided to begin working again Sunday night! So strange. See you in Now You;)

  4. i just made it to psalms for dec.!!! Proverb is a good solid chapter for this crazy month. My heart goes out to you on all accounts. We know which situation i would of not handled well, i hope you fix your electrical problem. xox

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