truck troubles in the west

IMG_3230My new mug/bowl from my mom-n-law…..I’m in love with it and trying to use it at any possible eating moment

So ends up Rich has good intuition.  It wasn’t just the battery that we were hoping.  After buying a brand new battery last weekend, he pulled up in front of the house after work last night and his truck died.  Dead as a door knob again!  He told me he knew it was the alternator this time around.  The silver lining,  because in bad there can always be some good.

One:  His truck died right in front of our house!

 Two: He is handy and he removed the alternator himself last night after reading his truck manual and looking up a few things up on the internet.  Today on his lunch hour he had the alternator tested and it was bad.

 Three:  We just got paid so we actually have the money to buy a new one.

 Four:  And worth repeating again….Rich is handy.  Whew that part saves us money.  He tells me it has to be easy, just reversing the way in which he took it out.

 Five:  Our indoor house electrical problem is still working after it somehow “fixed” itself Sunday night.

Abbie came home from school today pretty worn out, they practiced their African dance from 9:30 to 1:00 p.m. today and she is so excited for her performance Friday.  All three kids have been able to be involved in African dance and all three absolutely loved it.  Today in fact Abbie sat to tell me her story about how the instructor pointed her out and had everyone give her a round of applause twice because she was dancing so good and he said “everyone should dance just like her, it was perfect!”  She told me she was so embarrassed and turned bright red but she liked the fact that he noticed her effort.


Abbie sharing her day with me after school 

I also for some crazy reason was craving grape-nuts so I picked up a box and had grape-nuts for lunch today with some berries and pay special attention to this really super cute Christmas owl mug (pictured above)  Renee gave it to me this weekend as a surprise.  I LOVE it, it’s so perfect for soups and cereals.  I told her I secretly like owls and she said as she laughed “it’s no secret!”  I suppose not, when I started looking around my house I was noticing the little owl trinkets here and there.

Mark, Jenn and the girls get home late tomorrow and so far it sounds like their trip to Panama has been awesome.  I can’t wait to hear the stories in person.  This also means Moose goes back home. Although I think Rich will miss him tons….me, honestly not so much however he does have a few enduring qualities and is the best watch dog on the planet.

5 thoughts on “truck troubles in the west

  1. Well, I think that nails it, I will HAVE to find a way to be at Abbie’s performance. This event seems especially important to her. PTL that truck problems are history and that Rich was able to fix himself. God is amazing!

  2. What a super cut bowl/cup, inexpected treasures are awesome! Aren’t we lucky to have handy men in our lives , i’m glad the truck is a quick fix and your outlook so positive. Have a great day buddy.

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