little bits that add up to big bits

The little things that add up and matter, really matter.  Our weekend and not even all of it, just the bits I happened to take pictures of.  Let me share some of them with you.  I wasn’t in the mood to decorate, I was being sort of like a scrooge, feeling sort of down in the dumps about things.  After this weekend I feel very silly that I was even feeling sorry for myself.  Money is always a little tight this time of year not just for us but so many of us, property taxes due, the ones we have to pay twice of year for so many years now, one would think we may have a plan, but we never do.  Life just sort of happens and anyone who really knows us, knows we live for today, which isn’t the most wise way to live but Rich and I both are spenders, we are both generous and we seem to encourage each other in the spending.  We find any reason whatsoever to celebrate and I mean any reason, so this often leaves us without a lot of extra money.  These are the choices we make, I’m sure our parents wonder why some of their smart spending and saving has not rubbed off on us?

But this is what I do know……..


Rich last week was approached by an older woman, she needed help.  She asked if he could measure a door opening so she can order a door, and change out some dead bolts.  She asked him in very broken English and it was hard for him to fully understand what exactly she needed but he agreed.  This weekend he and our first born went to the ladies home and  did as she asked.  She paid Rich with a box of almond cookies, a bag of crushed red chili, apple juice “for the babies” coupons for hometown buffet and a 20.00 check which Rich was very reluctant to take but decided to go ahead because he turned around and gave the money to Austin for his help.  When things like this happen, when he gives his time and also teaches our son a lesson in life all at once, this is just one on a list of things that make me so proud of him.  Rich has taught me so much by just being himself.  He was born good.


Then there are times when all the neighborhood kids  gather to make tiny little films and dress our youngest into a little boy and we crack up when she walks in and we don’t even know it’s our own girl.  And these kids the ones in our neighborhood, they have made some really cute little films through the years.  They all mesh so well and again we are so blessed.


Then there are times when my brother, my sister-n-law with their two youngest daughters stop by for an overnight stay as Nan plays ball down our way and the little redhead sneaks into our room before bed to try and sleep with Rich and Max because another cool thing on the Rich list  (he attracts all children and animals like a big gigantic magnet!) Opps, Daddy caught her and carried her back to their bed!


Or at the end of the weekend when most of our decorations are up and remembering the fun we had two years ago when Me, Aus, Dyl and Abbie sat around the dinning table  listening to Christmas music and made about 100 snow paper flakes and just couldn’t’ stop, we kept going and going and going and that memory is a very good one.


And we loosely hung our colored lights around the front window, nothing too fancy but enough to make us smile.


The little white lights I wrapped around our photo heart in our living room.


And this morning as I sat with my coffee and got tickled when I saw the snowflake shadow on our orange wall and I knew if I didn’t take a picture that moment it would soon be gone.

Lamentations 3:22-23

Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed,   for his compassions never fail.  They are new every morning;   great is your faithfulness.


Then there are the little tiny notes I find around the house from time to time.  like this one here.  I mean really how could life be any better than things like this? Little things that add up that make our life full.  It’s all around us, even in tight times, even in rough times.  I begin to sound like a broken record but it’s these things that help me to stay positive and I need to find them, it’s part of how I choose to live.


2 thoughts on “little bits that add up to big bits

  1. I also needed this reminder as I decorated with Jeremiah and was getting so frustrated at his 4 1/2 year old decorating skills. I need to see this season through his eyes and in that I’m positive I’ll find much JOY ❤

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