12*12*12 yesterday

photo (2)

We hit up McDonalds and three of us got ice-creams.  Yahoooo 12*12*12  Our original plan was to have coffee at the night owl but we decided McDonalds was more in our budget.   Austin made sure to see Maddy and after we dropped her off he says “I really wanted a picture with Maddy today”  So Rich turned around and Austin knocked on her door and she came back out for their 12/12/12 picture too.  He has the heart of his Dad.  As we drove home Rich had a plan, have the kids each hold a 12 and take a family portrait, he had a mathematical reason as to how this would all work out, 12 plus 12 plus 12 is 36 then you split it somehow and divide  something and somehow it makes two and well he said they would each hold a twelve and after this mathematical wizardry he told me about  how it would somehow equal two and that would be me and him.  My cell phone took the best picture if you can believe that.  My “real” camera started to jam up and the timer didn’t work and it’s been acting up like this from time to time, makes me sort of nervous.

photo (2) copyI really love Maddy’s Christmas dress, which is actually a sweater that was her Grandma’s.  They were pretty darling these two.

2 thoughts on “12*12*12 yesterday

  1. You always think to do the funnest things and make life so interesting. I didn’t notice the date til I wrote a check…and that was it. Rachel commented that the world didn’t end. hmmm.
    I think I need to be more like you!

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