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How to begin?  This is my very first “guess spot”  I decided here or there I will actually interview a special person and feature them on my blog.  My first choice is our tutor Tessa!

 It was on Tuesday night December 4th, we had Tessa over for dinner and well an interview!  I was nervous, questions written down, she was willing and so we went for it.  I learned so much on this night, so much about dear Tessa, where she came from, what she has accomplished and her very courageous plans for the future.  So here we go.

 How it all began a very amazing and wonderful story of how a child was born in Taiwan, a boy and a child was born in Korea, a girl.  These two lived separate lives in separate countries until one day both children while in middle school moved to Colorado in the United States.  When both grew to college age they went to an orientation at the University of Colorado in Boulder.  I mean what are the chances?  They had a connection a true connection and all along, God knew, He knew these two were meant to be together, so they didn’t need facebook, cell phones or email to keep the spark alive!  They just knew they were meant for each other and they finished college and married shortly after and began their family.  They would have four beautiful girls and Tessa was born 2nd.  They raised their girls to love God,  they worked hard, they went to church and they always kept their faith, they relied on God in all things.

During Tessa’s Sr. year of high school  her family’s restaurant was caught on fire and later found it was actually arson but by the grace of God the outside shell remained and this terrible fire turned into a blessing of sorts.  Because it was Tessa’s Sr. year in high school and another turning point in her life it gave her lots to consider. Somehow this fire, brought her closer to God, it had her considering a Christian University. Tessa’s desire at this time was to strengthen her personal relationship with Christ.  I love how God gives us free will and I love how Tessa’s mom and dad lead by example and had true faith that God would reveal His plans to Tessa in His perfect timing.

 When Tessa graduated high school she was accepted to Biola University and this awesome school is just blocks from our house.  We needed a tutor for our youngest and only girl Abbie. I found Courtney through an internet ad for tutors and Courtney was our first awesome tutor but Courtney’s family lives in Washington state and when she went to visit for the summer she decided she needed to stay home and finish school there.  We were so sad but as life has it, Courtney had a friend named Tessa and Tessa agreed to step in where Courtney left off.  This is how Tessa came into our lives. We met Tessa during her Jr. year of college so we knew we didn’t have too much time with her but we would try so very hard to enjoy the time we did have.  We also knew she was driven and she had a goal to finish college sooner than normal and this meant extra classes during her summers and she worked so hard. Tessa accomplished this goal and she is actually graduating tomorrow night with her degree in business.  I found out that she made the Dean’s list at school every semester and kept a high grade point average.  As she worked so hard in college she kept her relationship with God strong and in fact it kept growing and growing and during her sophomore year at Biola she found it on her heart to travel to Africa for a short mission’s trip with her home church in Colorado.  This in itself took Tessa by big surprise because she hates to travel and although many of her friends from her home church had previously gone and shared their stories she still wasn’t sure this was for her.  However Tessa has a really, really big heart and she shared with me that when she looked at pictures her friends had shared from their trips to Africa that her heart went out for the children and she felt like she just needed to meet them one day.  And with her growing relationship with God, she decided to do this very thing and headed off for her first missions trip in Africa.  This changed her life forever.  She knew in her heart this would NOT be her last visit to Africa.  A big reason Tessa decided to take on extra units during her summer to graduate early was because she had heard of an internship in Uganda which would begin January of 2013.  If she worked hard and graduated early and put her complete faith and trust in God this internship might just work out.  And work it out did!  She had to record a video interview and all life’s “coincidences” (which we all know nothing is a coincidence) that she will be spending half a year in Uganda at her internship with Krochet Kids International.  To read in more detail about Tessa and her internship please visit her blog, you will not be disappointed.  http://tessainuganda.wordpress.com/  Tessa explains her heart and story very nicely here.

 Looking back on our time with Tessa I can tell you she blessed us far more than we blessed her.  She will tell you different but I can tell you this;  She touched my only daughter’s heart forever and left a very good impression.  She taught Abbie so many things far and above scholastics.  First and foremost, Tessa has been an example of a Christian woman for Abbie, how to love and trust God fully, she has been a woman of her word, she has gifted Abbie with her time and when she returned from summer she told us she didn’t want our money anymore, she just wanted to spend time with Abbie free of pay.  This blessed us financially and also taught our daughter another valuable lesson that giving is far better than receiving and Tessa is a born giver a giver of her time and we all know how valuable time is, especially for a college student!  We will keep her close in our hearts and pray nightly for her as Abbie and I say our nightly prayers together.  We know God blessed us with this beautiful young woman and His plan is perfect and He knew exactly what He was doing when he brought the girl from Korea and the boy from Taiwan together to have four girls and send their second born off to California to attend Biola University where a family in La Mirada would someday meet Tessa and Tessa would forever leave her good impression on their only daughter Abbie. We love you so much Tessa! We will miss you like crazy, we wish you the most success and we know God has great, great plans for your future, Jeremiah 29:11 tells us this.  xoxox infinity!!


These two have birthdays only 6 days apart!  So they celebrate together. 

IMG_6181These two get super  silly with each other and Tessa endures lots with Abbie, lots of singing, and clapping games, Tessa participates in them all.  Abbie just loves that about Tessa.

6352044918_e63d9cfaf5_oOne day we made wishes with each other and released them in the park.  Tessa’s wish touched my heart

“I wish that everyone would love on other they way they want to be loved”


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