The last bit before 2013


As we quickly approach 2013 I could talk about my word for the year or resolutions and things one may expect but instead I will talk about the red shoes.  The shoes I had been looking for when I realized my Toms had holes in them and they were wearing thin, it’s been a while now of looking and mostly in second hand stores.  It was just last week,  I was stopping by Goodwill on my way home from work and for an entirely different reason aside from my red shoes hunt but since I was there I gave a look over in the shoe department.  I saw these pretty red shoes, they looked comfortable and unique.  They were foreign shoes because the sizing was different in fact they were made in Spain.  I thought they were the cutest cloggy looking shoes and they even had a sweet frog stitched on the front of them.  I tried them on and they almost fit, they fit good enough to buy for 7.99.  When I got home I decided to look them up, they seemed exceptionally special.  When I looked them up I discovered they were made in Spain and also cost in American money upwards of 200.00 a pair, my sister told me actually closer to 300.00.  Turns out I found my pair of red shoes for quite a steal.

Today as I think of my old/new shoes I also want to make a small list of things I’m grateful for because as we looked ahead to January of 2013 and calculated all our bills and all our financial commitments we realize as we often do in January, money is very tight.  I always get excited just slightly because it becomes a game to come up with cheap and somewhat healthy meals and in the big scheme of things I do know how especially blessed we are even without too much extra money.  It just sort of hit extra hard when I opened a piece of mail today that read our bank made an error of 415.00 in our mortgage account and it wasn’t in our favor.  We never check this account too regular we just put money in and try and build it to our mortgage amount each month.  When I checked a few days ago we were in a slightly better spot than I had imagined and I planned accordingly.  I didn’t look to see how we were in a better spot, I just figured we may have put money in a while back and forgot about it.  Silly me.  Somehow someone else’s money was deposited into our account, I wish I had found it sooner, this way the family who was lacking 415.00 could have had it sooner and we could have made our budget more realistic. Since it didn’t happen this way we carry on accordingly.  Rich turned in his iPhone today for a Target credit of 150.00.  This we can use for groceries the next week and a half or so.  I’m the only one left in the family with an iPhone and data plan, I’m wondering if I should drop it too?  It’s been such a luxury it’s a hard choice for me to make but I think I should think long and hard about it.  I planned a few of our next meals, one will be a chicken lime soup and wouldn’t you know, just a few short moments ago there was a knock on my door and my mother-n-law had a bundle of cilantro for us to have which my soup calls for, so one less ingredient to buy!  I also meandered to our back yard to take a picture of the red shoes and I noticed the potato plant I tried to grow this summer but it wouldn’t seem to stay perky has sprung up with our recent rains and looks quite healthy, the chives too!  I also spotted two small patches of lettuce among the weeds. These are things I choose to find as blessings.


And below is the list I spoke of earlier a few blessings I saw and felt today and just today;

The hot coffee shared with my husband, the coffee he got up and made.

The small fire in our fireplace on a chilly morning.

The sound of laughter from another room as my Abbie and niece played dolls.

Finding Pablo basking in a sliver of sunlight late this afternoon.

Taking a shower in the middle of the day as the sun sat perfectly between the East and West and shown brightly through my bathroom window, the window that is in my shower wall so I felt the warm sun through the glass and enjoyed it’s light that flooded the bathroom today.

The potato plant, the two small patches of lettuce and chives that finally have decided to grow.

The love we share, he and I.

Our healthy children we have, all three.

My sister and her family here from France and spending New Years Eve with us, over a pot of chili and board games.

The pretty hand stamped tablecloth that air dries inside and wrapped over my shutters.

I’m just thankful for this life and all the challenges it gives me, the challenges draw me closer to my creator they have me looking for the blessings He gives to me new each and every morning.   (Lamentations 3:22-26)

I wish all of my friends and family a Happy New Year full of wonderful surprises, continued growth and health and most of all LOVE, lots and lots of LOVE.

8 thoughts on “The last bit before 2013

  1. This is such a heartwarming post Traci.
    Filled with so much gratitude and love.
    There is nothing more we need in our lives than the gratitude for what we have, what we share and receive, and the love from our family and friends.
    I wish the best for you and your family this next year!

  2. Thank you Trace. Wonderful post. My favorite part, “The love we share, he and I.” We are so grateful for our men, aren’t we Trace. I also love your new red shoes. They are adorable. xo

  3. Looking for blessings growing among the weeds is a great gift. Sending you prayers for provision, and I know our God will provide. xoxo

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