Our Friday Walk, Just Me and Little Miss


We try and walk each week on Friday.  A friend of mine, Sarah  invited me to join her and a group of woman from around the world to walk together.  She calls it Mosey+Plod.  What a terrific idea and me, well I have a hard time not accepting invites especially when they are this motivating.  I really wish to walk several times a week but in the past I have set myself up for failure by wanting to walk every day for an hour and the moment I begin to “fail” I want to quit because it’s just not perfect enough. I mean I have it in me, believe me I do.  Another friend of mine, Nancy invited me to walk 100 miles in one month, of course I accepted and of course I did it! And on a very exciting side note, this friend of mine Nancy, she is now cancer free!!!  The future is bright!  Then my cousin, Jeanie challenged me and our other cousin Jodi to another 100 miles in one month challenge, of course I accepted and of course I finished but you see my energy spurts and motivation come in waves.  This time I decided once a week and on Friday’s this way it’s doable right?  Well, not really.  I missed last Friday but that’s okay.  Life goes on and it doesn’t mean I quit.  I just have to take one step at a time  and keep going, even when I think I have “failed”   I want to share with you our walk today.  The one me and little Miss took.  We love the rain and we were actually hoping for a down pour but instead we just had wet sidewalks, cloud coverage and a few sprinkles.  Come join us on our walk!


She picked me flowers.

IMG_3636She enjoyed her walk FULLY


She took pictures of me.


I took pictures of her.

IMG_3659We met Hapa and talked to Hapa’s owner  for a little while, he let us take her picture, she was a little shy but so pretty, we fell in love.


It was a gray and drizzly day and we LOVED our walk.

10 thoughts on “Our Friday Walk, Just Me and Little Miss

  1. Thanks for sharing your walk. It felt like I was right there with you. The dog must have had some husky in her with those eyes!

  2. Oh I wish I could walk with you. And I wish we lived closer. Thanks for the words over on my blog, love you. I think I might I would have you be a classic 60’s actress or singer, a flower child- A summer siren, with flowers in your hair like a crown.

  3. love these tracie!! and am so glad to hear about nancy! such good news! great shots here of the time spent with your girl. just right.

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