52 weeks of our children

1st four weeks of 52 weeks of Abbie

Four weeks ago it dawned on me that is would be so wonderful to take a few pictures of Little Miss throughout each week this year.  52 weeks of Abbie Girl!  My goal is to capture her doing what she loves,  just doing what she does and most importantly as natural as I possibly can.  I have the camera in my hand so often that sneaking up is pretty easy.  I can snap it before she even realizes I have snapped it.  (Above) are the first four weeks, a couple  of our weeks I couldn’t choose just one so there will be some weeks that  I will include one or two shots.  I want to make a book for her at the end of this project so she and I can flip the pages and watch how much she changes in one year.  I encourage any of you mom’s out there to do the same thing, it will be fun to watch our kids grow together.

dylan week 1

Not just Abbie but Dylan too.  He found out what we were doing this morning and volunteered to be a part of it.  I have watched this one grow about 5 inches since summer, he keeps getter taller and thinner almost every day it seems.  Same goal, to capture him doing what he loves to do, what he does and without him really seeing me take his picture (most the time) This is a Friday ritual for Dylan, but he also loves to play on his basketball team and we already signed up for Spring soccer where we can see him in the goal again.  Now I just need to convince my oldest to also join in on the project and I will be set.  I think I can sweet talk him.

I hope you considering joining me in this project.  I know we will all be amazed at how much our kids will grow and change in just one year.  Especially the real tiny ones!!

I have a few goals for next week. One is to share another project with anyone who wants to read about it.  It’s called the Little Inspiration Bird and the other will be an update on my legs and how they are healing.

I hope you find a pocket of peace this weekend.

7 thoughts on “52 weeks of our children

  1. Can you include my bean in your project too!! once a week she can walk home with Abs for this!!! hehehehehehhe JK I think its a great idea=)) going to try!!! Also before soccer starts I wanted to have you guys over for dinner. What day of the week works good????

  2. What a great idea Tracie! Love, Love…….LOVE this idea! The picture of Abbie laying on her arm looks so much like you did when you were that age. I had to take a double and make the picture bigger to make sure it was Abbie. She is turning into a beautiful young lady….always has been a beautiful girl.
    Love you both,

  3. Hi Tracie
    These are stunning pics of Abbie and your young man. I love this idea. How do I take part? Are you going to open a flickr page or something, or are we to do it via a blog of our own or something. How should we share?
    Thanks 🙂

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