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How best to describe me….natural woman, woman of the wilderness, have not shaved in who knows how long, kind of enjoying the freedom from the razor but I did promise an update this week on my legs and their healing and such. The picture on the monitor was taken in October, they have changed since then but still not completely smooth.  I’m not up at all hours scratching, I don’t scratch while I drive, I don’t scratch while I work, now it’s only limited to a tiny bit in the evening when for some reason they flare up and get all itchy and the more I try and think not to scratch them, the more I want to scratch them.  This week I worked on a puzzle with the kids, it was nice because it completely distracted me from scratching my legs.  I can’t build puzzles every night though, that would put a wedge between my relationship with the man of the house who isn’t such a puzzle man and when I’m working on the puzzle I’m in puzzle wonderland and it’s like nothing else exists not even dinner so not the best plan but each day little by little they improve. A very slow process but it took three years to get this way and they are very calloused and raised and that’s that part that bugs me.  If they were smooth there would be nothing to pick at and scratch so waiting for the raised hard parts of skin to smooth out, the dermatologist assures me they will.  So as for a healthy diet, I did that for a long good while and it was okay but not the way I would like to live.  I love food, all kinds of food and cooking and baking is a true pleasure of mine so cutting the sweets especially was painful and put me in a bad mood but since eating different didn’t seem to make a difference and yes I know, some think I should have given it at least a year but ultimately it’s my body and it’s my choice and I choose to live in moderation good and bad and hopefully mostly good.


On a really fun note, Abbie and I have decided to do sit ups every night, just 25, we worked up to 30 just a few days ago and today is our 8th day in a row.  It’s a small goal we set and so far so easy and the best part is our high fives at the end of our session and the smile on her face.  Hope you all have a nice weekend.



And here is a piece of puzzle time, coffee out of an awesome mug, music and puzzle pieces….good stuff.

8 thoughts on “update as promised

  1. Your legs looks so much better! Oh my goodness! I am so glad! I am a moderation type girl myself. Good for you! xo

  2. i am so happy to see this!!! your legs look so good. i love how much fun you’ve been having with your kids, lately, too.

  3. I am happy you did an update. Your legs look SO much better YAY YOU. I think you’re right and it’s all about moderation. I LOVE that mug and must know where you got it? Do tell please… We do puzzles over here often as well. Monkey, me and the music man, funny it does kind of put you in a puzzle trance nothing matters except for finding the next piece.

  4. Happy to hear that you are healing! I totally agree with you – moderation is the key. Life is to short to completely cut out everything you love. That puzzle looks like fun…and I too have started doing some daily sit-ups in an effort to control my old lady, flabby stomach! My goal for tomorrow is 50…we will see how that goes!

  5. Your legs look GREAT! I especially love that you are not shaving. I HATE shaving! Please do tell where that mug came from because I also must have one. That is definitely something I would splurge on for myself.
    Enough about me: I am always so touched with the relationship you have with your little sweet girl. It seriously goes straight from your images into my heart and warms it up. Tears and all, sometimes. You are so gifted with your photography, Tracie. I love your perspective in your images, and on life. You see things that other people cannot see. It’s so wonderful for you to share that with the rest of us. Thank you for such honesty and transparency.
    If I ever get up there to see you let’s go have a really great cupcake.

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