dream list 10 down 20 to go….and counting I’m sure the list will grow



I wrote a dream list a while back, some call these lists bucket lists but I just can’t seem to get myself to call it that.  Most recently I had my first cup of fancy coffee with my favorite guy.  He just ordered plain old black.  I can cross #30 off my list and hope to fit a few more in this year too.  I have pulled in some other images of crossed off items.  I’m of course trying to keep a photo diary of the things I complete on my list.

1. go kayaking

2.  get a pretty quilt for our bed

3.  enlarge one of my prints for the house

4.  make a loaf of bread.

5. plant my garden again

6. ride my bike to the beach ( I have done this before but I want to do it again)

7. learn to paint

8. learn photoshop (sort of, took an on-line class with a 30 day trial)

9. walk across Golden Gate Bridge

10. go deep sea fishing (not so interested in this one anymore)

11. visit my sister in France

12. stay at tree bone resort with Rich in a yurt.

13. can jelly

14. publish a book

15. make a cherry pie

16. learn to make pizza like grandma Della

17. get a Dutch door for our front door

18. go wine tasting again with Rich in Napa

19. drive the coast from here to Canada

20. get a family portrait before Austin is 18

21. see Regina Spektor in concert

22. have a picnic at sunset with Rich at the Getty

23. get a tattoo (love one another)

24. see the Grand Canyon

25. read the Bible all the way through

26. hang a sky chair in the house

27. go to Boston with Rich and have a lobster roll

28. meet all my flickr sisters

29. specifically meet Angela, Eric, Asa, Gaia, Jasper and Coco, like spend a weekend with them.

30. have a fancy cup of coffee

9 things

3 thoughts on “dream list 10 down 20 to go….and counting I’m sure the list will grow

  1. Thank you again for the inspiration. I always use the term “that’s on my list” where I have never physically made that list. I think, because of this, that I will make a Dream List of my own. I may even include stuff that I have mentally crossed off, just because it’s a cool list. Thanks. I just may blog it. Hmmm.

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