walks on Valentines day

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I have been really wanting to walk, it’s been a few weeks and Mosey + Plod was a big inspiration for that but then for two weeks I have not walked and yesterday after vacuuming and doing stuff around the house I decided that walking would be a good idea, even if it was just a few times around the school.  It was a beautiful day yesterday, it’s a beautiful day today and when I’m dark and when I’m down I KNOW walking helps but just getting out there can be so difficult but yesterday I just told myself  “walk, just walk if you don’t do it, nobody can do it for you, it has to be YOU”  So I did.  I walked around the school a few times.  Two times around the school is one mile, I walked two miles yesterday and I found the heart above.  When I walk I look for hearts and faces.  When I find a heart a take a picture and I send it to Elly my niece because she finds hearts for me too.  When I see a face faces I take a picture and send it to my niece Liv and when she sees faces she does the same.  Below is a face but  it’s sort of abstract but she has an abstract mind too so she can see the face.   Faces btw are much harder to find than hearts.  Funny thing is, I also see a heart in the face I found.



And as I continued to walk, I could feel the perfect air in my face, I think the temperature last night was just perfect, not too hot, not too cold and I could smell fresh cut grass, and I could also smell neighbors doing their laundry.  I passed an older gentleman twice on my round about and we exchanged smiles twice.  I would pass by our house and see my boys in the front yard playing ball while Max relaxed in the grass and just seeing those boys playing together with their dad made me so happy.  I have so much to be grateful for.  Below are the boys at play.

photo (6)As I continued my walk I also thought about the neighborhood I live in and how it’s a 1950’s track housing neighborhood and I used to think it was horrible and I would get bored on my walks because all the houses were pretty much the same, like every other three or four looked sort of like my house.  When I lived in Whittier I loved my walks because all the houses were different and from the 20’s and 30’s and they all had charm and were darling and it made my walk so pleasant.  I’m really working on loving where I’m at this moment in my life, where I live exactly right now.  So I’m trying to love our 1950’s track home and there is a certain coolness to it.   I love in the 50’s how they were still building homes on raised foundations and hardwood floors were still the primary flooring installed and backyards were pretty big and bedrooms were made small but that’s okay with us too because we don’t spend too much time in our bedrooms, just sleeping primarily which then gives us more reason to gather in our addition which I’m very grateful for.  I’m grateful for my favorite room in my house my dining room which used to be our main living room.  It’s a place we gather to eat, to create, to dance, to play games, build puzzles and to just in general be together.  It’s right next to the kitchen which also in the 50’s btw was it’s own little room all to itself with a door even to close it off, that’s depressing so we knocked down the wall and made it a half wall/bar so it’s part of our dining room now.  We have made our little track home a home all our own, we put some serious love into this crack house.  That’s a story entirely on it’s own too, if only you saw how she first began, what she looked like the day we bought her and how she looks now.  I think I may just blog about it.

neighIt’s pretty gorgeous walking up the hill by the school across from our house, the school my husband went to, his brother, his sister and now all three of our children.  We have pretty established tress and our street and the streets around us are lined with jacaranda trees which bloom bursting in purple twice a year, my birthday month in May and Rich’s birthday month in October.  It’s like a water color painting during those two months and around the elementary school it looks so California with it’s palms.  Although Moonspinner told me they are not even native to California but crazy thing is lots of people associate California with palm trees.

photo (3)Then that’s not all.  Rich made us dinner last night.  A special valentines dinner because 22 years ago yesterday he asked me to be his girlfriend “again” and I said YES!  So it’s sort of a second anniversary for us and we make sure and acknowledge that.  So he made lobster and filet wrapped in bacon, just like Pioneer woman does it.  He watches that with me too and he wanted to give her way a try and boy was it GREAT.

Rich in the kitchenbut that’s not quite all, yesterday I also listened to my oldest play the guitar, just he and I because Abbie was with her cousins and Rich was with Dylan at basketball so that part was special to me, just listening to him practice and it was peaceful and special to me.  Then we meandered next door and had dessert!  Mimi made these awesome ding dong cupcakes that are out of this world, Uncle mark brought huge chocolate covered strawberries and Aunt Jenn had these yummy dark chocolate truffles and that’s not all, Mark found some chocolate wine and I had a sip just to try.  Talk about indulgent, wow.  Rich, rich food, lots of Rich dessert and NOPE that’s not it, the two youngest girls performed a special dance for us.  And that pretty much sums up our Thursday night.  It was a night to be grateful for, a night to remember and well, makes me think I should walk more, it clears my head and lets the light in.


Have a nice weekend, we have a busy, busy one with basketball banquets basketball games and history projects.  Dylan made 8th grade All Star Basketball and in his very first season playing.  Pretty proud, just saying considering I have not an athletic bone in my body.  Sort of admire that kind of stuff.







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