Long weekend equals Short Week


I’m thankful for getting Washington’s birthday off and especially thankful this past week because Abbie and Dylan are focused on studying about how our country was founded.  Most recently I’m quite taken by Thomas Jefferson who is one interesting smart man.  I read he spoke 5 different languages fluently, he danced, he was a musician, skilled at drawing, philosopher, good at math and Mimi popped by and told me he was an expert gardener. Sounds silly but I rather like how he was criticized for dressing down while entertaining British diplomats I can get that.  He was also a fellow red head;)  One of my peeps as Rich calls it.  I plan to make learning about Thomas Jefferson and writing a paper with Abbie this weekend fully exciting because if you think about it, it really is very exciting.  Just a cool dude.  Got a little side tracked there but  happy to have Monday off.  Thank you George Washington.  Since we had an extra day this weekend we took Monday and worked in the garden.  The boys all took turns drilling holes in what will be my new and improved composter.  A sturdy barrel that has a lid that clasps on and I will be able to tip it on its side and roll it as opposed to trying to turn the contents with a pitch fork.  I wasn’t very good at that and the walls of my old composter often would fall down and it was so frustrating we ended up just tearing it down.  Thank you Uncle Don and Aunt Lynn for our new blue barrel.

Tuesday came so quick and our day was full, Abbie and I ran to the library to…well check out some books on Thomas Jefferson of course.  We were supposed to have a big rain storm and low snow levels on this day but before the rain came Austin and I went on a nearby trail walk and honestly it’s one of my highlights of the week because I’m honored my almost 18-year-old still wants to walk with his mom.  The one on one with each of them is something I cherish.   We could see Long Beach and the Los Angeles City skyline and on the trail we spotted a bunny. He fully agreed to do some jumps with me and we decided it was our cardio for the day since we had to jump a number of times to line up with the timer on the iPhone.  Tuesday Bible study was reminiscent of my childhood because we sang old hymns with our voices alone.  When I was little my great grandma took me to church each Sunday and this is how the music was done, just our voices singing hymns.  Tuesday was full and it came and went as quickly as our Monday off.

trail walk tuesday

Wednesday was full because Dylan had two practices lined up after school.  Kids got home from school and did all their homework and we fit in some reading with Abbie and Sky.  We decided to tackle “The Secret Garden”  and Helena is loving it while Abbie on the other hand would rather watch the movie, she can’t wait for the movie.  It was written so long ago that lots of interesting new words are being learned and it takes a while to get to through a chapter because we talk a lot about things we don’t know and are leaning about.  I also decided with the busy schedule that I knew would go into the night a crock pot meal would be perfect so  a pork roast was brewing from the moment I got home and we would have quick B.Q. pork sandwiches.  Dylan’s first practice was for soccer and just an hour from 5-6 and enough time to run home between his second practice for a bite to eat and then he was off to Basketball which was from 7-9.  While he and Rich were away at basketball I fit in a phone call to a friend in Indiana and we were able to catch up a little and it was a treat to hear her voice.  It brings me so much joy to watch Dylan do what he loves, basketball has been an unexpected great experience for him.  First season to play and he was voted in and picked for the All Star Team.



Before we knew it Thursday was here and Abbie reminded me she was to be in a play the next day at school and needed an outfit to be Goldilocks this required a lot of running, hoping to find something at Savers but struck out.  We ended up at the Halloween store and found the perfect outfit.  She borrowed a basket from Mimi we put in a few braids and she was set.  She had some extra audience too because Dave and Judy are here from up North and since our cousins live next door now, her buddy Helena got to watch not one but both showings of the little 5th grade play.  And it’s already the weekend again and the week just absolutely flew by.  I was reminded in one of my morning studies that it’s important to give God our anxieties and also this was brought up at Tuesday study too and seemed to be a recurring  message here or there throughout the week.  A really great simple verse came up during this and I wrote it on a notecard and put it by our front door.  I seem to need lots of reminders.  I Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.  It’s that simple, yet somehow I struggle so much with giving it all to him.

photoOh and an important change, the name of the blog is different since I’m rarely sharing healthy recipes or healthy lifestyle, it didn’t make much since and best of all I see healing in my future so I figured just to use our last name and the fact we live on the West Coast to be a part of the new name.  If your searching the old blog address you will find that I’m not longer there because I’m here now and if you like reading about our life here in the West then you may want to follow this new blog, which is very much like the old blog with only a slightly different layout, I may change the  layout from time to time just like we rearrange our living room.

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