A week chalk full of blessings




I’m not sure exactly where to start when I talk about my week that has quickly gone by.  I suppose Monday is always a good day to begin.  Monday was a fairly typical day only after school we read the Secret Garden, this is something I’m doing with Helena and Abbie, it’s been lots of fun and honestly I’m glad I have two little people to read to because truth be told, I just could read kid books like all the time but truly they do make it more fun.  We try and read a chapter each day.  Mary in the book finally got into the garden and we are thinking this is when it’s really going to get good.



A few times during this week Uncle Dave and Papa came over to try and track down our electrical problem.  Yep, still running extension cords through the kitchen and by the sink.  On the 3rd try Uncle Dave fixed it.  He tracked it down to a loose connection in the upstairs boys bathroom.  You see they never, ever use the plug, no blowdryers, no curling irons so we had no idea it wasn’t working and quite honestly we had forgotten it was even up there.  We are now operating on full power and it feels so nice to have the coffee pot back where it belongs without cords running to the kitchen sink. We are ever so grateful for that little blessing.



Wednesday was so BIG!  It began with little Abbie getting student of the month and not only that as she got called up for her award Mrs. Cantu our principal asked for Abbie to get an extra round of applause for finding 20.00 and turning it into the office.  Rich and I looked at each other like….”what?” we had no idea.  That little lady is a lucky one, she found 25.00 in the parking lot of Walmart just this past weekend.  Then our Sprouts was having their grand opening on Wednesday so we just had to go check that out, I met Liv and Jenn up there and they sort of kept me sane because it was completely insane inside Sprouts and the parking lot was mad.  Got a few good healthy deals though so it was worth the trip. Then Wednesday night we met up with Ronda for her birthday at the Spaghetti Factory and that was a nice way to break up the week and always so good to see her.



By Thursday we were ready for Friday to be here but Thursday ended up being pretty exciting for me because http://mortalmuses.com/2013/02/28/tracie-west-and-angela-hendrix-petry-on-collaboration/ featured Me and Angela’s moments project blog inspired by “a year of mornings”



Today being Friday and all it’s blog day for me.  Rich and I got up early to walk around the school with Max, it’s our second Friday to just stroll and drink our coffee and enjoy the morning sun and sounds.


This week I had a few personal projects.  I’m in a few groups and I know it sounds insane to just keep giving myself projects as if I don’t have enough to do already but to name just a few, I’m in the Treehouse club (with mustard) which has a different prompt each day of the month, for instance the 26th of each month the word is spoon, so I took a picture of a spoon.  Then there is the 52 weeks of Now You and this is a complete honor to be a part of this group because it cost to be in this group but a sweet soul paid my way so I can now learn more and do more when it comes to Self Portrait photography because as you may guess as women we very rarely take pictures of ourselves or us with our kids and things like that.  This weeks prompt happened to be EYES. I was able to squeeze a few eye photo’s in.  I’m also in a group called Mosey+Plod and I have told you all about this group before, I try and walk once a week and submit a photo of my walk.  All these activities are motivating always inspiring and I learn new things all the time through other photographers in these different groups and not just about photography…that’s the cool part.

eye project


The last thing I will share is about Abbie.  She told me yesterday she will no longer respond to Abbie or Peepers but instead would like to be called Cat, but when I called her Hooney this morning like I used to when she was a little critter then she got very excited, she had forgotten all about that little name so now she prefers to go by Hooney. She also made her own eggs this week and braided her own hair….sigh.  And she continues to grow.



I’m going to try my best to blog more than on Friday’s because too many things happen in one week to cram into one post.

2 thoughts on “A week chalk full of blessings

  1. I guess instead of barage you with questions last night I should have just read your post. Everything is so lovingly laid out. I don’t know how you could possibly blog more than once a week! You are a crazy-project-maniac. But I know you love it, and I love reading about your many journeys and watching you grow in leaps and bounds. You have tapped into the most phenomenal resource with all these groups. I hope to join you on another journey once I get things under control around here…yeah, right!!! But I do look fwd to another journey with you in the future! I told Jon on the way home what an incredible privilege it is to be your friend. And it truly is. ❤

    1. Oh T, thank you for stopping by today to see what I had to share for Friday. It was so good to see you guys Saturday. Like so great I wish we could have spent more time. You give the best hugs in the universe and T, I feel exactly the same way about you, it’s a privilege to be your friend, and for so many years now. I love you.

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