Abbie in her 11th Year

Abbie arrives

What I love about this picture is how they all gather around the new gift!  Dylan and his sweet boy hand on her one day old head. 

Today would be the most perfect day to talk about Abbie.  She is entering her 11th year today and I see big changes happening within this 11th year.  She will enter into Middle School in this 11th year, she may even grow a little, change some more.  I’m certain it will be exciting to watch the transformation.

Austin and Abbie

 The brothers, they looked out for her when she was tiny.  And even now, though a bit more reluctantly. 

You see when we decided to try for number three 11 years ago I had to convince Rich we would have a girl, it was the only way he would agree to the whole have another baby thing.  So I checked the calendar and said welp, these are the days we need to try in order to get that girl you want.  Me, I didn’t even care, boy or girl, I just wanted another.  He agreed to go for it, he believed me yet, I had no solid proof this would work, that we would get that girl.  Only God knew what was in store for us but so happens His plan was a girl too.  Now that I have a girl, I’m  pretty happy I do.  She is far different from the boys and teaches me so much just by being her free little spirit self.  She wears what she likes, she speaks with her eyes and all the expression behind them, she expresses her feelings quite freely and sort of a lot.  I’m not kidding when I say so so different than the boys.  But in the best possible way of course.  So funny too because being a little girl and all, she sure doesn’t hide in the shadows behind her big brothers.  She stands firmly on her own and shines like a bright light. Rich and the kids

 Abbie in the mix with all the boys and the boys with their girl. I love this picture, it was a typical scene. 

daddy and abbie

Hard to get them to act serious for the camera, always cutting it up  these two. 

Since she was very tiny she seemed very determined to get what she wanted when she wanted it.  She would climb out of her crib at nap time, (the boys never did that) I would catch her unlocking the front door and trying to sneak out, (the boys never did that) I would catch her standing on the countertop trying to help herself to whatever it was she wanted at the time (the boys never did that) She would drag her HUGE pink blanket around the house and suck on her bottom lip when she was tired and then fall asleep in the most random spots.  She loved pink, anything pink, she loved pink so much that Mimi and Papa started to call her PINK.  We even ended up painting her bedroom a hot pink when she was tiny.  Me I don’t like pink so much but since she seemed so drawn to the color, I just went with it.  After all it was the beginning of her forming her own thoughts about things and I think that can be important.  Just cause I didn’t like pink shouldn’t mean I deprive little girl her.  In fact she sort of changed my mind about pink and now a days it’s not so bad.  I also thought since she had two brothers she may even be a little tom boy.  Well, I was wrong about that too.  She loves dress up, she loves baby dolls, she loves anything that sparkles, she loves shoes, she loves to polish her nails and wear lip gloss and basically anything very girly.  I used to think it was so cute when she was tiny and played with her babies because although very motherly and sweet she was always dirty, her face was a dirt magnet and she had lots of owies on her knees from the rough play.  She took naturally to riding her bike, skating and things like that.  She played hard and I let her.

she slept

 her in her pink, fall asleep randomness, I love the one with all the bandaids (upper right)

abbie dance

Always very girly and loves dance now as much as she did then. 

Today at age 11 she has a big heart, I can tell.  I watch her care for others and when she found that 20.00 at school, I had no idea until it was announced by the Principal.  She recently shared she was conceded for a shy girl who wasn’t being involved with a small group and talked to Ms. Ladd about it.  I have always felt it’s most important to be a good person rather than get good grades.  I suppose I say this because I struggled in school.  I have three out of the three who struggle in one way or another so I get it.  I remember my oldest sons’s 3rd grade teacher put her arm around me as I was  in tears over my son’s struggles in school and grades, she said this to me “You guys are raising good human beings and in life that’s what will count”  I wish they didn’t struggle in school however I believe all kids learn different, mine not so traditionally it seems but they are making their way through.  All survivors.  The youngest, this 11 year old girl here.  She will be more than alright in life, I just know it.  She knows what’s important.  I will support her in her dreams and I will love her for always and forever this gift God gave us.

1st four weeks of 52 weeks of Abbie

Some photo’s I scanned below that I just love cause it’s Abbie and her brothers doing what they used to do.  


They really did used to love being next to each other, now a days not as much but I bet it will all come full circle. 

kids making banana bread

Kids on top the table (totally still normal around here) and making banana bread…in our sleep been doing it so long. I spy a bandaid on Aussie’s knee.  

threeThe three all dressed up for Dylan’s Christmas performance in Pre-school, a very rare occasion the three all dressed up at once. 

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