I’m NOT a runner, repeat I’m NOT a runner but I can do hard things

LA Marathon



The finish line.  This day felt good…..at first:)  Then it was days of pain and then my toe nails fell off but still it was so great we did it again the next two consecutive years.

In March 2006, almost exactly  7 years ago I decided I wanted to complete my first Marathon….or was it Rich’s idea?   Actually I’m not sure whose crazy idea that was but anyway.  I was game.  I didn’t plan to run the thing or even jog it.  I just figured I wanted to complete it.  I also decided I didn’t need to train for it.  The morning of the Marathon Shauna and Jeff our good friends met us out our house at the crack of dawn to watch our kids while we headed off to L.A. for the 20th annual Los Angeles Marathon.  I had my c.d. player in hand with one c.d. I picked Modest Mouse and their C.D. that had come out two years earlier “Good News for People Who Love Bad News”  Of course my favorite track…Float on which I must have listened to like a hundred times.  Rich and I did this together.  He is the athletic one and he could literally run circles around me but he was kind and stayed with me.  He even would place his hands on my back and sort of push me along when I thought I couldn’t go any further.  Seriously the 12th mile or so I began to think, “what was I thinking?  Why didn’t I train?”  “I am insane” He held my hand, he smiled, he told me I could do it.  He told me together we would finish no matter what.  There were periods during the trek where I just said, “no talking!”  I put my headphones on and just walked,  Float on….just float on, it’s all good.  We finished, it took us just over 7 hours.  All I wanted to do is finish and we did.  That’s when I knew, it’s all mental, we can do anything we set our minds to.  I believe this with my whole heart.  We even hit up a hockey game right after the Marathon, I could barely lift my leg to make a step but we just floated on as we usually do.  I was sore for what seemed to be weeks, my big toes turned black and the nails eventually fell off.  Yet when next March came around, I was up for it again and once again without training.  I guess it’s like Childbirth, one just sort of forgets all that pain and wants to give it another whirl.  We gave the L.A. Marathon three whirls total,  three years in a row. After three years we decided we had enough….for now;)  A few weeks back Rich said it would be pretty cool to run the marathon with Dylan in a few years.  Time will tell.  Last year my word of the year was CAN, our scripture was Philippians 4:13  “I can do all this through him who gives me strength.”  We had the motto we can do hard things together.  In 2006 I wasn’t picking words of the year but I do know I had the attitude of I CAN and I WILL and Christ has been my source of strength for many years, in fact without Him I know I would be a lost soul. I’m thankful that He knows what’s best for me in this life and he gave me such a great partner who encourages, who is a help mate in every way.  It has not always been this easy, we have grown leaps in bounds since our early days of marriage.  LEAPS!!!

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