Three Trees



Helena and Abbie planting seeds to sprout before we plant them into the ground.


What words can I find today to explain the feelings I have inside?  A weekend unfolds.  As we plant three brand new trees one for each child, I have thoughts of photographing them each year on tax day in front of their trees.  The ones we named after them and planted this weekend.  My thoughts are grand.  I know they are good thoughts but I also know they are not completely realistic.  As one of my three will be considered and adult in two weeks according to his number.  He may not always be available on April 15th each year.  This is one of my thoughts.


trrees The three new trees, one for each child.

The other is of the garden we planted this weekend, I always question ….will it actually grow?  It usually does, I’m never disappointed by how it does grow and feeds us a few little side dishes and salads throughout the summer.  I have thoughts of how we enjoyed the gloomy weekend weather, a son wins a soccer game, we live, we breathe we love, we even dance.  Our oldest gets home safe yet again and we do it over and over again. Yet somewhere a person lies dying, a child is left heartbroken, someone is hungry, somebody is alone, all alone.  These are the facts.  Someone is fighting a terminal illness.  Someone is getting a divorce.  And still my son arrives home safe, we live, we breathe, we love and we even dance.


 And even just after I tipped the motor oil all over my new jeans and it soaked right into my skin it seemed, I had to take this picture, just had to.  Then I cleaned up.

I want to always embrace and enjoy but I also want to remember this isn’t so for each and because of this I want to show grace, I want to show love, I want to give the benefit of the doubt.  I want to understand, I want to listen, I don’t want to conclude, to judge or to assume.  Please give me the strength to keep striving to be better, to do better.  Please.

3 thoughts on “Three Trees

  1. You always show such honestly, and your images to go with your words is always wonderful. I love seeing your kids next to their trees, and I’m picturing them all growing up strong and beautiful.
    So we all keep going, and be grateful for all the things we should be grateful about, letting the smaller disagreements fall to the side. ♥

  2. Tracie, you always make my heart soar with your beautiful words and insights. You are such a wonderful person, I miss you so much. I am proud of you, as I would be proud of my little sister. Though things didn’t work out years ago with your brother, I will always feel a family connection to you and Amanda. You two are truly blessings in my life. You have an absolutely amazing family, and don’t fret, although their age states they are an adult, they will forever be your children. Take lots and lots of pictures of those trees with the kids.

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