Finding joy in a decaying tooth



quiet time

This weekend I went away, up to the mountains to hang out with other like-minded women.  It’s called a women’s retreat. It was my very first ever.  There were lots of awesome messages this weekend but the big, big stand out message was called REJOICE!  To rejoice in  every single circumstance.


The night I got home I noticed a hole in the side of a tooth, a brown decayed hole!!  And this hole, it has to have been there for a while. How could I have missed this? I brush my teeth every morning and every night.  I suppose I just quickly go through the motions without really paying attention, obviously this is what I do.


The bad tooth.  I know maybe too much infomation, a little gross but my reality

In this tiny, tiny example in my life right now.  I’m to rejoice in my decaying tooth.  Really?  You want to know another message from this weekend?  I’m also not supposed to worry about it.  Our awesome speaker for the weekend even gave me tips and scripture to back this up solidly.  First of all my example seems so small in the big scheme of things but however small, it matters to me.  Joyce Webser, this awesome speaker I talk about, well she has had breast cancer and survived, she is also diabetic and that’s not all, she has even more health issues however I would have never guessed it as she spoke to us.  All I could see was JOY.  She told us not to let our circumstances define us, she clearly has taken her own advice to heart.


 Litte reminders around the house of how not to worry

Bringing this back to my rotten tooth.   I’m glad I had some pepper specks in my teeth that I did actually notice while brushing, those pepper specks directed me to this bad tooth. I’m glad there is NO pain…yet.  I find joy in that.


The first step she gave us was to TRUST in God. I can trust in God.


Second, make preparation.  I can prepare.  I already called the dentist to make an appointment.


Third,  I  can practice prevention.  Welp, I already brush my teeth twice a day, I can continue that.  I can also make sure to set appointments for standard maintenance cleaning, rather than make excuses why I don’t want to spend the money and little things like not loving the “pain” of even going to the dentist.


Fourth, I can use my resources.  I can do that too.  I have a dentist, a good one.  She even lets us make payments without interest because we don’t have dental insurance. That’s pretty awesome.


I can do this.  I can find the joy in a rotten tooth.  And I do know this is a very small example but it’s a start.



 Sunset Saturday night.  Thanks to Abbie and Science camp.  I know those round balls in the trees are mistletoe & not so good for trees 


friends on retreat


cabins from retreatface heartI even found a face for  niece Liv and a heart for my niece Elly.  


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