Our First Born can Buy a monkey (w/ a license) because he will be 18 on Sunday


I love this picture of Aus.  I will take another one on his birthday because he cut his hair since this photo.

Maybe it’s not the best idea to place titles on people so they don’t feel as if they just need to stay within that box but I keep saying I have three children and three A’s meaning I have an Artist, Athlete and an Actress.  It just is what it is.  Austin has a heart and soul of a true artist.  He feels very deeply, he is sensitive in a good way, he pays attention to details and is just an amazing person.  I’m so proud of our first born.  Just the other day as I stood on the porch of his girlfriend and Tony, Maddy’s dad came outside to specifically tell me this “I’m thankful for Austin, he is just a really great kid and we love having him around, and we are so happy he is with Maddy”  Iike not those exact words because my memory isn’t exactly perfect but basically that’s what Tony said.  I was blown away, it made me feel so proud as his mama and even more so I was happy that he revealed his feelings in front of Austin and myself because not enough people do that sort of thing, it should be done more often if it’s from the heart.

a moment in time

Maddy cuts his hair now and she does a really great job.  She has a natural talent. 

It’s extremely hard for me to fully comprehend that I will have an 18 year old son this Sunday.  Those 18 years went by like a snap and it sort of freaks me out how quickly this life sort of just happens, there is absolutely no slowing it down and children are great reminders of just how quickly this life of ours is lived.  Reminder, live it to the very fullest, with great intention and in His light is for sure the safest best place to be in my opinion.  I couldn’t get through this life without that hope.  My oldest son has had times of closeness with God, he has never left God but he is figuring things out in this life and so as a mother I pray. I pray for all three of them and one of my consistent prayers is for their future and for their future wives and in Abbie’s case husband. I pray for their safety, I pray for their choices and I pray their lessons are quick and not too painful, I just pray.  As the kids get older their problems seem bigger and being a parent gets more difficult.  But I can honestly say I think we did okay because so far they all still seem to love and like us.

Scan 130780007-3

Feels like yesterday 

Austin and I can have some really great conversations, they feel open and I love that about him.  He loves to make people feel better, he loves to spend time with those he loves and he loves to be real, he is for sure not an on the surface kind of kid.  He digs deep just like he feels. I adore that in him. He is a smart kid, not just in life but really he does pretty well in school with little effort it seems but all depending on his desires.  He seems to be a natural leader too.  I have seen it with his friends, they look to him for direction, they depend on him to be the one to make all the decisions.  In projects anyway, he takes the lead in any group projects I have seen him do.

:.::::56664541511232123213:::::::: Aus just hanging with Pablo

I have had the privilege of watching him grow into this individual who likes who he is even if it’s not what everyone else likes.  I remember clearly one of his high school councilors telling me that Austin isn’t the sort of kid cut out for high school, that he is more mature than most the kids in high school and that a kid like Austin will really begin to thrive once he graduates and begins to merge into the real world.  I can’t wait!  I see great things for this kid.  He has dreams and I believe he can fulfill these dreams, he has the desire, the smarts and the drive and support. He will do good things.  We believe in him, we are proud of him and most of all he has our support to do what his heart desires.  The pleasure has been all on our side, watching him grow into a really great human being.  I will end by writing 18 things I love about Austin, only because he will be turning 18 not because it’s all I can come up with;)

trail walk tuesday

 I love hanging out with this kid.


1.  He is compassionate

2.  He is good at solving problems

3.  He has gorgeous clear blue eyes

4.  He is affectionate

5.  He stands up for what he believes in

6.  He is good at conversations, never at a loss for words

7.  His mind is creative

8.  His heart is huge

9.  He is thoughtful

10.  He has a cool silly laugh

11.  He is a realist

12.  He is down to earth

13.  He is unique and doesn’t mind being so

14.  He is good in the kitchen

15.  He loves animals so much he has decided not to eat them

16.  He is a solid and dependable friend

17.  He has good ideas

18.  He is my oldest, first born son whom I adore we were all blessed the day he was born.

Austin, a man named Marcus Solero said it pretty well “A possibility was born the day you were born and it will live as long as you live.”   The world is a better place because of you

Love MOM

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