May Flowers…..Bring Springs Showers or Just Plain More Flowers



How did the tradition begin you ask? Sort of depends on where you come from?

It all came to light for us on May 1st in 2006, Abbie was a fresh 4 years old by a few little months and we opened our front door one early morning Abbie still a tiny thing in preschool and we found a sweet flower bouquet in a cute tin watering can on our door step.  Why it made my day!  I was like “who put flowers on my front porch for no reason at all?”  Then I compared notes with my neighbor who happens to be my mother-n-law, who got one too!  We quickly figured out it could only be Aunt Lynn and her co-conspirator Miss Moonspinner aka Stace!

The next May it was a lovely more traditional paper cone filled with blooms.

The next year a salt shaker and this time we got two! One for me and one for Abbie with pretty beaded wire twisted in the shape of an A and a T.

The next year it was  a small brown lunch bag folded down.

And since sadly I could not find a picture of the first four years and barely came up with a photograph of little Abbie in those first four years, I will share with you Abbie’s growth from 2006 thru 2009 (below)

abbie dates

In 2010 we received two sweet soup cans with a vintage label which read “April Showers bring May flowers” (see below)

2010 rev

in 2011 we received two bell jars with crystal bead hanging down, a pink one and a green one. (see below)

2011 together

In 2012  they were cleverly placed in light bulbs! (see below)

2012 toget

And this year 2013 we found two sweet tins with “Do you Believe in Fairies” on the outside of the can. (see below)

2013 toget

And let me tell you this, I do believe, I do because for 8 May Day’s in a row we have received thoughtful and creative bouquets on our door step.  Always delivered in the dark of night to be found bright and early the next morning.  Aunt Lynn and Miss Moonspinner live a few cities away too so it’s not like we are just within walking distance or even live in the same neighborhood, they drive late at night and make their loving deliveries not only to us but to a handful of their dear friends and loved ones.  The flowers are most always from Aunt Lynn’s garden, hand-picked and arranged by the two of them.  It amazes me how each and every year they come up with a new container and a fresh idea on how to display them.  I feel so blessed by this gift each year.  We have almost been able to watch Abbie grow right before our eyes with each May flower year.  I’m hoping that when my busy mom days are sort of more behind me that Abbie and I can do the same and bless others we love too, like carry on the tradition.  That’s my hope.

6 thoughts on “May Flowers…..Bring Springs Showers or Just Plain More Flowers

  1. Oh my gosh. This is so wonderful. It warmed my heart just reading about this thoughtful, heartfelt tradition. I can only imagine the anticipation the night before wondering what may turn up the next morning.
    There is a lot of love in this planning and celebration.
    I love how you paired the images with a growing Abbie .. extra special. ♥ !!

  2. Thankyou for that lovely tribute! You left out my favorite part of the tradition, though, that would be the sweet phone call I get each mayday from one of my favorite people (you!)

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