Share & Do Good



My helper in the reflection

A few weeks ago I was directed to a new store in the town I grew up in.  The little “do good” shop is called “Share & Do Good”  The name pretty much says it all.  The name was taken directly from scripture, Hebrews 13:16 which is sort of ironic since I just spent several months studying this very book. Ironic…no not really, everything that happened that day, the day I met Lilly was meant to be.  About one week earlier I had been in another darling shop in Fullerton called “Oh Hello Friend” and the shop owner of this store told me about her friend Lilly who had a really cool shop just down the way.  I didn’t go that day but the next week I was in Fullerton I just decided to swing by.


The parking lot alone was pretty inspirational.  Abbie and I couldn’t get enough of all the good vibes there.  Abbie insisted I take her picture laying on the black top in her white shorts above the sign which read color your world, and I asked her to please take my picture on visualize love, and just look where my little Jeep parked!

parking lot


We walked into Lilly’s store “Share & Do Good” and immediately were greeted with a big warm smile,  Lilly complimented me on my bag, she thought she had seen it someplace before.  I then recognized her from Danni’s shop the day I was in there.  We got to talking and somehow realized we graduated one year a part from the same high school!

wchs girls

Lilly on the right me on the left, hers is in color cause she is was a Sr. me a Jr. but we are the same, age, I’m just a little slow;)

As we spoke more we realized we both knew some of the same people.  All those common threads made it feel so right.  We talked a good long while and kept finding even more common threads.  I noticed she carried some cool stuff from Krochet Kids!  Abbie’s tutor Tessa is in Uganda at this exact point of time interning for this very “do good” company.  I had seen pictures of Tess with the beautiful ladies that made these pretty hats and hair clips, it felt very personal.  I had to buy Abbie a sweet hair clip made from Krochet Kids that very day.


We came back the next week to buy a T-shirt from Lilly, I want to buy all sorts of things from Lilly when money allows because a portion of all her shop proceeds go to a good cause, and if you go visit her store, she will be so glad to tell you about all these lessor fortunate countries and people who could use our help.  On our second visit Abbie walked around the store with my iphone and snapped some pictures of the shop, so I’m calling this blog entry a team effort.  Words by me, pictures by my little 11 year old assistant.



I hope you can visit Lilly in her “Share & Do Good” shop,  located on Harbor Blvd. in Fullerton sort of near the train station, in a little area called Carpe Diem, and the first Friday of every month Share & Do Good participates in the cities monthly art walk, where local artist display their work and a community comes together.  I have news on that note later to follow this fall.  Let’s just say Lilly made one of my dreams come true.


SoCo District of Downtown Fullerton

115 South Harbor Boulevard Suite F Fullerton, CA 92832

Located inside the Carpe Diem Experience complex

(714) 305-5582

Monday – Saturday 11:00am – 6:00pm





5 thoughts on “Share & Do Good

  1. What an awesome store. Looks like really fun stuff, and they are doing good at the same tiime. Gotta love that. Wish I could do a little day trip there. Only like 6 hours!! hahaa.

  2. So much good in this story. It’s just oozing with…. well “goodness”. 🙂 I love Abbie’s photos and love the parking lot!!! How cool is that?

  3. Tracy, talk about coincidence!!! Lilly and I carpooled to WCHS everyday for 3 years. I had no idea what she was up to. I can’t wait to see her. Also a close friend of our family is involved in Krochet Kids. He and his wife spent a year Uganda working with the company (his wife worked with 31 Bits – another amazing company). So funny how small our little world is!

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