Summer Garden


cilantro in an old motorcycle tire

Each summer for the last few years and off and on years prior I have been excited to watch our little suburban garden grow.  It’s tiny I know but I love it.  It provides such simple goodness and I feel so good while keeping it up and weeding out the bad stuff and watering the seeds and as they show promise, I get so happy.  I talk to my plants as I’m certain most gardeners do.  And my favorite time of day to look at them is somewhere in the golden hour when the sun shines through their leaves and everything looks warm and….well golden.  Most of the plants are showing their promise the tomatoes will begin to turn red, the zucchini will grow at rapid speeds and maybe if I’m lucky the new raspberry plant will give us a handful of berries.


Raspberry plant new this season

 We didn’t plant corn this year, last years crop was fun to watch grow nice and tall but somehow it was the worst tasting corn I have ever had in my life.  The potatoes that never really took last year are doing pretty well this year and we did manage to dig up a few tiny ones a few months back.



 I plan on doing a winter garden for the first time ever this year, I want to grow cabbage, broccoli and let the potatoes keep going.  I have cabbage now and I have done well with cabbage in the summer in the past but I have heard it does better as a winter crop and brussels sprouts too, I will try that again.  Last summer we tried and they were eaten alive by tons and tons of tiny bugs.  I have also heard that brussels sprouts are a winter crop.  I learn as I go along, I have always felt the best teacher is practice along with failure then hopefully followed by some success here or there.

IMG_5000The little tiny happy garden 

That’s all, just my garden.  I have not posted anything in a good while so I share my garden because it’s a simple pleasure of mine, a place that feels peaceful and a place that I enjoy spending time in and the best part, it’s in my very own backyard and just exactly right there for whenever I want to take a peek at it, or have morning coffee or enjoy the golden light on the little miracles all proof to me that we are loved, taken care of and every detail has been thought out by the Creator of it all.


Little angel made by our friend Jeff & forks and spoons given by sister Sarah



tomato in that warm perfect light
IMG_4967Little bitty chives

2 thoughts on “Summer Garden

  1. Ive always liked mint, always tried to grow it with little sucsess, but i guess it gives me good memories of swimming w/ your/ our sister in your Mama’s pool, it grew up the hill by the pool we often munched on it & if i remember right it helped settle A’s stomach?? Beautiful pic. & beautiful urban garden!!!

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