short packed and exciting week

hats off

It all started when we decided three children would be the magic number and somehow we would put years between them to line up for an elementary school promotion, middle school promotion and high school graduation all in one week.

bailey and abbs

But before the promotions and graduation began we first start with Abbie’s dance recital the weekend before.  Last Friday I got her to her dress rehearsal and Saturday was dedicated to the performances.  She had two in one day and we were away from 1:30 until after 8:00 in the evening.  During that time she had her grandparents come see her perform and her Mimi was also celebrating a birthday on this day and so was her little dance buddy two birthday’s two dance performances, little celebrations after the long day and even time to run by the Bible book store to pick up the engraved Bibles we had bought for each of our three children for their special days.  Then we had Fathers day and I remember at one point saying something like “Rich, we should gather all three kids with you for a Fathers Day picture”  That picture didn’t ever happen and I was sort of sick in bed for a portion of the day, but it was nipped in the bud, I technically think it was more of an exhaustion thing more than a real virus.  I had to be ready for our week ahead.  A short packed week.  So Sunday was spent in rest, lots of rest and a little fathers day celebrating too.

mimi papa

dance grams

Monday Austin had to be at school for Sr. stuff, Dylan had his first dance the 8th grade promotion dance.  Some of my hi-lights were watching Rich help Dylan’s friend with their ties.  We also decided to go take a look at a little bug Rich had seen for sale on Whittier Blvd.  We happened to be the fortunate family who got to buy this cute little yellow bug for our first born,  soon to be graduating, newly licensed son.  So Monday was quite full of excitement in a few ways.

grad dance

new bug

Tuesday came along and Dylan had his middle school promotion which was kind of hot at 2:00 in the middle of the day but lucky not too very long.  Both grandma’s made sure to be there and battled the heat with us. Dylan’s BFFL found us and gave hugs and helped us take family pictures and so we of course got one of her and Dylan, these two are a crack ups together, I think they may have been separated at birth, both complete goofballs and so much fun to just be around.

dylan grade

dylan and bree

Wednesday we got up earlier than normal to make sure and straighten Miss Abbie’s hair and get her all ready for her big day.  The grandma’s drove up early for this too and not only that they came with a car full of food for the graduation gathering for later that evening.  We watched our Abbie promote to middle school and it was a bitter sweet feeling, knowing I no longer have any children in elementary school.  It’s a big chapter for Abbie as she will be attending a brand new school and all her sweet friends will be going to another.  We had a small break before the 3rd graduation so we had a nice lunch, me and the grandma’s and then came home to clean and get ready for the graduation.  Austin had a few of his buddies hanging out after they practiced their graduation walk which also got me all reminiscent of how these boys have been in and out of our home for years, projects, hang out, sleep overs.

abbie and grams

abbie and friends

My expectations were high.  I had this vision of meeting up with out fist born son on the gorgeous astroturf football field for family pictures in the blue hour with him in his cap and gown and all the family who came to sit for hours and wait for Austin’s name to be called.  However it ended in the sardine packed school quad without us ever finding Austin.  I sent Maddy into the sea of people and told her that her love magnet would find him and it sure did and we all ended up meeting at the car.  Had a brief very small family gathering for all who attended his big day and then he was off to grad night.

pile of friends

austin and maddy

aus and friends

It’s not really all that over, Abbie had testing for her new school this morning, Austin and his friends are at the beach in my jeep for their first day of official summer and me, I have a chance to re-cap our week and I can’t wait to kick my feet up tonight and do absolutely nothing at all except maybe sip on a glass of wine and be grateful for this big momentous week.

3 thoughts on “short packed and exciting week

  1. Wow that is a jammed pack week. Congratulations to all! Yes friend taking a moment or two to soak it all in… with a glass of wine sounds perfect.

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