Conversations with God in the Wi hours

2:35 a.m.


 Psalm 37:4  Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.

 So I have to ask myself, what are the desires of my heart?  When I look deeper into the word desire and look it up quickly in my real life hardcover children’s dictionary (I like simple explanations) Desire: a strong wish for something or someone.  So what are the desires of my heart?  What are the desires of your heart?  It’s now 2:41 a.m. and my immediate desire would be rest.  Not just for now but each and every night.  My body is holding stress. Could it be that the stress and lack of true rest could be creating all these toxins in my body that make me itchy and keep me awake, and my obsession with wanting to peel open each wound?

Our bodies have this amazing ability to heal and regenerate however my will isn’t allowing the healing to happen.

I want, I desire, I have a strong wish to be obedient.  For a natural-born rebel, this doesn’t feel easy.  What areas do I desire to be obedient in?  This can apply to so many.

Time Management.  Where do I spend my 24 hours in a day?  Is it productive? Is it selfish? Is it helping others? Is it in the presence of God? Is it thoughtless, countless hours on-line? Is it playing with my phone?

General Health.  Am I getting enough rest? Am I putting the most efficient fuel into my precious gift of a body? Am I helping it to function at its best? Building strength? Am I taking the best care of this earthly body God made, my unique, one of a kind body?

Finances.  Do I spend my money wisely?  Do I invest in my future? Do I carelessly squander my money?  Do I give back to God?

Now at 2:58 a.m. I’m feeling overwhelmed because obedience is my biggest desire and what does it mean actually to obey?  To do what someone tells you to do.  Usually never that easy.  FOR ME.  So if I delight (take great pleasure in the Lord) He will grant me obedience.

And these are the conversations I have with God in the middle of my nights.  What do you do?

4 thoughts on “Conversations with God in the Wi hours

  1. Don’t forget Grace my love, He left us with only one commandment, love one another. I lay in bed & pray when i cant sleep, by the time i get to the bum on the street im praying for ill knock out again. You’re gonna battle the flesh everyday, so learning to be content & learning to completly give your worrys to God. Perhaps a big leap of faith will help you to do that, i love you. You will succed i know it!!!! i pray for it, i accept & recieve your healing in Jesus name. Always look at the past, He has always taken care of all of us, but nothing easy is worth striving for. Bob im working for constantly say, “Live, Love, laugh! OK” im starting to get why. I dont know if my words are helpful, just know i love you & you are always striving to be better, so my beautiful sister you are on the right path. Xoxo

    1. Your words are always helpful. I know you have big love and support for me. Sometimes I do think I put some pressure on myself, thank you for reminding me of grace and love. LOVE it’s a big deal. We have it! This family really has lots of LOVE.

  2. I always pray for happiness and health for my family, but rarely for myself. And wonder why I should ask anything of him at all because God and I have our issues. I’m yet to find an acceptance or trust in him because of some terrible things that have happened in my life. How can he be there and let these things happen. My husband was brought up with a family who attended church and he has strong beliefs, where I never have. We butt heads when it comes to this. He tells me if the bad things don’t happen, how can we ever appreciate the really great things. This I understand, but I don’t know… I find it hard to believe.
    Here’s lies some of my problems I think.
    But I do love fiercely and believe in the love of my family and friends… This I do believe and have faith in.
    You lovely Tracie, have such a wonderful heart and joyous outlook to life. I love your photos and writing and smile when I see your blog posts pop up because they are full of life, love and fun. I hope God listens to the conversations you are having with him because I think you deserve every good thing my friend. xo

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