Monday Meal One and Summer Dessert

photo (6)

I began by preparing the pie because we over grew one of our zucchini’s.  I would much rather pick them smaller because they are  more tender that way but often the monster zucchini will grow overnight or so it seems.  Aunt Judy has a solution for that, she calls it “zucchini cobler” I had written and asked for the recipe and she remembered and brought it to me on one of her visits down South.  My favorite part, it’s in her handwriting.  I did a modified version, I’m calling it “Summer Mock Apple Pie” I used Mrs. Osgarrds pie crust recipe because it’s so easy a kid can do it and it’s  all in one bag.  Below are pictures of the pie making from this hot summer afternoon, I know really?  What was I thinking?


IMG_5138I had all the ingredients on hand.

IMG_5144Cut into apple like slices

IMG_5148cook for about 15 minutes in the sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and lemon mixture

IMG_5141Her is the easy, easy dough all in one bag, everyone loves it too!

IMG_5156I messed with the dough while the zucchini simmered

IMG_5161Never claimed to be a pretty pie maker but maybe with more practice?

IMG_5166And here it is! An American tradition….only with zucchini.  I’m not sure how it tastes yet.

Now for that dinner.

photo (5)

photo (3)Compost:)

photo (4)Salad, HUGE thumbs up.  Abbie specifically came to me and said it was really, really, really good, and we need to make it more often:)  Dyaln hates tomatoes so not for him.  And T if you are reading this, I know you hate cucumber so probably not for you either.

photo (2)I thought it was good but over all we cause the sole just had a weird texture. Overall, we just didn’t like the sole.  We are bigger fans of Tilapia, so next time we are switching the fish out. 

photo (1)Over all, thumb side ways.

Half the photo’s were taken with my iphone, it just takes a descent quality picuture, if the lighting isn’t too low.  My 20D took most the apple pie pictures but the problem I have with the 20D is, I have to crank it all the way to ISO 1600 and it always has a yellow glow and of course will be grainy.  I have used friends camera’s and I can take the same photo on a much lower ISO and the light comes out just so much better and more natural.  Still on my dream list.  A newer version of my camera, a bigger veiw screen would be so nice.  I shouldn’t be ungrateful though, but I do feel as though it limits what I can do. For now I use what I have used for so many years now.  It frustrates me though.  More often than not I don’t pick it up very much and that makes me sad.

4 thoughts on “Monday Meal One and Summer Dessert

  1. First off….the picture of you is priceless! Second I want to know how the pie tasted? The salad look delicious! But I’m with you on the fish, sole just doesn’t get it with me.

    Love you D-1

    1. Mom, the pie was awesome. Dylan had no idea he was eating zucchini until he finished and he said he liked the pie. I told him what it was and he couldn’t believe it. I’ll do it again that’s for sure.

  2. The zucchini pie sounds yummo. I don’t eat seafood, so can’t comment on that one. I love the photo of you. It’s hilarious. 🙂 Now…
    a) What the heck were you thinking bakinig on a hot day?
    b) I too want a new camera. So badly and my hubby is sick of hearing about it.
    c) Pick up that darn camera woman. You take awesome photos no matter what you use!
    That is all. 😉

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