moments in the garden AND Thursday and Friday Dinners


This post will mostly be pictures.  It’s Friday!  Yeah!  Heading out for a brisk walk with my neighbor and I worked out 3 times this week with my morning Activate friends.  Plus a round of my own stairs.  I completed the five days of meals! I only went to the market one time this week.   No joke, I normally go to the market every single day after work and pick up what we are having for dinner.  I know it’s not the best plan but it’s what I tend to do.  So it felt sort of weird not going to the market every day.  The one time I did go it was just for  milk and soap. Here are some shots from my garden and the last two meals.  Our favorite meal of the week was the pork, which surprises me since it’s just something I never think of.



Three more yummy berries.  I was told it wouldn’t yield much on its first year and I don’t expect a whole basket, especially when we are eating them as they ripen but the idea of them is so exciting to me.



IMG_5188Drying the cilantro seeds that I let go to flower to see if I can plant these again once they dry out.


photo (3)Thursday and Friday meals, a little heavy on the bread for Thursday, we can tweak that in the future and the chowder was ok.  I think it feels like more of a winter or fall dish rather than summer, but maybe that’s just me.

photo (2)


photo (1)






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