Sunday High Lite

When Laynie ran to the back yard to grab me full of excitement for the butterfly they had found.  The one that wouldn’t leave Abbie’s hand.  They were just over the top excited about this pretty butterfly.  I had my camera right next to me because I was wondering what I may shoot in the backyard while the sun started to go down.  My Sunday high lite for sure is Abbie, Elly and Laynie excited about this butterfly.  Short but sweet here are the images of the little guy.  It’s the little big things you know?






wrap it up with the new salad I tried Saturday night.  It was fresh pineapple, cilantro, cucumbers and lime juice.  It was one of those refreshing sort of salads.  I liked it.



5 thoughts on “Sunday High Lite

  1. So you know I had to get my guidebook out because 1) i am a geek and 2) butterflies are super localized, so I’ve never seen this one before. I’m pretty sure Abbey’s friend was a male Gulf Fritillary, Argaulis vanillae. beautiful! And guess waht. I shot a Great Spangled fritillary, a cousin of yours, in my garden this weekend – the first I’ve seen this summer 🙂

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